Monday, December 31, 2007

OO Wrap-up

Ranking the episodes favorite to least favorite:
1) Face to Face I/II  
2) Man of Mercury I/II  
3) Both Sides Now  
4) One Gets Away  
5) Once a Ranger II  
6) Pirate in Pink  
7) Once a Ranger I  
8) Behind the Scenes  
9) Red Ranger Unplugged  
10) Home and Away I/II  
11) Nothing to Lose  
12) Heart of Blue  
13) Follow the Ranger  
14) Ronny on Empty I/II  
15) Crown and Punishment  
16) Two Fallen Foes  
17) Things Not Said  
18) Kick Into Overdrive I/II  
19) At All Cost  
20) Just Like Me  
21) Weather or Not  
22) The Underwater World  
23) It's Hammer Time  
24) Out of Luck
25) One Fine Day  
26) Lights, Camera, DAX  
27) Way Back When

I enjoyed celebrating the 15th anniversary and meeting the OO Rangers at Power Morphicon was very cool. The actors were great and the group we had this year was one of my favorites along with SPD, Time Force, Lightspeed and "Zordon Era" seasons.

Tyzonn's introduction eps were definitely my favorite of the season and the best thing adapted/changed-for-PR from Boukenger. As much as Will quitting got annoying, I gotta say the Will-Kamdor/Miratrix eps were excellent (aside from their final battle which could've been done better). I wish they could've done more with the ninja villains. Rose had a great episode in "PIRATE IN PINK" and the city destruction/plot in "BEHIND THE SCENES" made it another standout. As for Ronny and Dax, I'd have to say "RONNY ON EMPTY, I" and "HEART OF BLUE" were the best (Of Course, Dax was undoubtedly my least favorite Ranger of the season).

OO easily had the best Red Ranger and 6th Ranger since Kalish took over and the search for relics bridging the episodes together was certainly a nice improvement. It could've been a good end to the shows run if it had a proper 2-part finale (And unless you've been living in a cave, you know Jungle Fury is it).

On the down side, Hartford being in charge and running things could've been done better. Why was the base so deep underground? Why did we only ever see Spencer and no one from Hartford Industries? What DOES the company do, anyway? What did they do with all the zords after the last episode? And why the hell was there NO security?! -_-
I know I'm too nice, but still -- They DID learn from SPD/Mystic Force and they tried, so I gotta give them credit for that.

More soon.

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