Sunday, May 27, 2007

"FACE TO FACE, I and II" (PR-1511-1512): Tyzonne's Trouble

Now we're talking. Best '6th Ranger' prelude since Cam in Ninja Storm.

Part I was great. It had a lot of Boukenger footage which means the episode it was translated from must be really great. ^_^

As usual, Spencer had some of the best scenes. Enjoyed the PB&J bit.

Nice to see Flurious checking in, since you know he has nothing better to do.

Was surprised when Moltor called for Tyzonne. Didn't expect to see him so soon.

Loved how Ronnie revealed the secret passage, slid down the pole while morphing and then said, "Look out, baddies. I'm ready to rock!" My favorite scene of hers out of 10 episodes.

The Transtech still sucks, but it was handled a little better this time.

Part II was also good, just a notch lower.

Enjoyed the story of Moltor finding Tyzonne and forcing him into working for him by turning him into a monster. Interesting how he's part of a race called "Mercurion" and can turn into liquid mercury.

The Sonic Streaker is cool. Now there's some CGI I don't mind. And it's nice to have an "Ultrazord" again, even if it is rather clunky.

I didn't like how the citrus in Spencer's lemonade helped decode the map and Tyzonne quickly got turned back into a human with the jewels. I know they only have so much time to work with, but I thought they could've saved something for "Man of Mercury, I."

Definitely enjoyed the battle scenes in both episodes too. Some good wirework and the explosions weren't bad.

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