Sunday, April 27, 2008

Smallville 7.17 "Sleeper": Olsen, Jimmy Olsen

I was pretty much set for this to be another "Noir" filler, but it turned out to be pretty cool. In terms of Jimmy eps, I'd probably go with this. I liked the secret agent thing he had going and how the feds busted Chloe after all her satellite hacking.

God Clark is funny. Jimmy wasn't talking about YOU, doofus. -_- And sheesh, enough about Lana!

The control center being next door to the night club felt a bit odd.

Jimmy defeated Vanessa (the fed agent) WAY too easy. Although it was nice to see someone other than Clark save the day for once. Now that he basically sold his soul to Lex (to get the feds to forget Chloe), what will he have to do later? Why do I get the feeling Jimmy won't be around much longer...

Lex obtained the box WAY too easy. I didn't think it would even happen in the episode after he got held up by the government.

So Brainiac went back to Krypton in '89 to stop young Clark from coming to Earth? Love the S.O.S. from Kara and the Back to the Future feel to this.


Also, I finally watched the shows first episode. It was great to finally see the first meteor shower and Clark saving Lex. And wow....Lex trying to be Clark's friend. ^_^ Although I don't intend on watching anymore season 1 until the show ends next year (I joined in season 4).

"GOOD KARMA, BAD KARMA" (PR-1609): Stealing and Slimey

This was another very mediocre, kinda strange episode. The "stealing is wrong" moral was alright, but I didn't care for it much.

Carnisoar going into the past with Jarrod to change the goodness in his memories potentially could've been good. Instead, it was done pretty lame. Oooh, cheating on a test... Very watered down school kids fighting... If Jarrod was "good" as a boy (and he seemed very good), exactly when and why did he become such a jerk? And he'll never reach full power if he still says "... but cheating is wrong." >_>

This episode messed up the whole Dai Shi possessing Jarrod too. It had seemed like Dai Shi had been in control and Jarrod was just the vessel. Now, they're leaning towards it's still Jarrod... Yet, Camille still refers to him as Dai Shi and should have no idea who Jarrod is.

Would've been nicer if Casey had gone ahead morphed in front of Josh and "borrowed" the kite, instead of taking it and sending him away.

And hey, Camille and Flit weren't around during the zord battle for once.



Friday, April 18, 2008

No foolin'

April Fools in this fandom (especially on Rangerboard) is always weird and this year was no different.

However, thanks to Poweranimals and his source, two bits of news have come up within the past couple weeks that are NO joke. A Go-onger adaptation is in the works and Jungle Fury will be teaming up with Ninja Storm.

As much as I don't like Go-on's mecha, I'll at least give it a chance next year. It sounds like it's more of a parody of sentai, along the lines of CarRanger and doing something different than the past couple years. So whether or not it's produced in Canada and by a new team, they probably won't be able to use a lot of the footage. Also according to Poweranimals, they don't really like that the mecha talks, but won't be able to get around it. It'll certainly be an interesting year to see what happens with this. One thing that's pretty likely is that next years PR will have to be GREAT (in other words, Kalish will have to leave), otherwise I'll be through with the commentary.

For the teamup, I'm happy we'll at least get to see the Wind Rangers together again over the OO Rangers. Whether or not they didn't want OO back because they didn't like Benta or they'd rather do something with NS and their powers -- who knows. Hopefully the person who helped RJ tap into the morphing grid was in fact Sensei, not Hartford. ^_^

Sunday, April 6, 2008

"WAY OF THE MASTER" (PR-1608): Phantastic

This was another one I enjoyed. As much as I would've liked Elephant Ranger, Master Phant being a cranky old guy worked just fine. I liked his story about being too old for the academy and basically forced into retirement. And how it took a surprise attack on Lily to get him to unleash the elephant.

"Jungle Pride with Elephant Power?" Meh... Should be "Elephant Armor" or "Elephant Mode."

I enjoyed how the Jungle Mace was used by Lily and then with the Megazord.

Ooooh, the Kenma Bracelet! Why wasn't it hinted at sooner? That's right, Dai Shi... Get out and DO SOMETHING.

The break from JKP was good too after the past few episodes.

Even Flit isn't so bad now. I'm more annoyed by the fact he's not being used to give the play-by-play to Dai Shi or RJ.

Sounds like Master Phant will return again as Lily told him they may need his help again someday. I'm expecting all the Masters will be involved in the final battle if they really are gonna have a big finale.

The "Go-onger" bike is still crap, but it was small compared to rest of a well done episode. 4/5

And, one point I thought I'd mention that Chris Funaro recently talked about on Rangercast is that Dai Shi basically morphs by channeling his Black Lion spirit. No morph call or anything. Therefore, if the Rangers hadn't received their morphers, they too should be able to morph without anything. I kinda feel like Dai Shi should say "Black Lion Power!" or "By the Power of the Black Lion!" when he morphs. As for Camille, I like her new morph, but why are we just getting it now? She too should say something like "By the Power of the Chameleon!" or just insta-morph like before.