Thursday, January 24, 2008

In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

Although I got a little worried when it was reported Jungle Fury has a smaller budget, I'd say it's looking good so far. We have a nice batch of actors and among them the return of Holly Shanahan. I'm still very glad this'll be PR's last season premiere and hope it'll be done better than "KICK INTO OVERDRIVE." I dunno how I'll feel about another story with a training academy, but if the show does its own thing well enough and makes sense, I'll be happy.

The most I'm excited about as we wait for the premiere is definitely the toys. The main and PR-exclusive Rangers look great and I really like the Jungle Pride Megazord. I don't own very many zords and only have the TF and WF Rangers (and the non-articulated anniversary Reds), but I can't pass these up. It sounds like the exclusive Rangers will be in the show too, so this should be a good way to go out. And we have the new Lord Zedd and original Green Ranger coming in March. Good times.