Sunday, February 28, 2010

S-9.14 "Persuasion" and 9.15 "Conspiracy"

Awesome seeing Clark destroy Zod's towers as a last-ditch effort. One of the best uses of heat vision ever.

Surrounding Tess in the fire ring and nearly killing her wasn't bad either.

... What the hell, Chloe?!

Zod getting his powers back was pretty predictable. After Clark stabbed himself, I started to get what was going on. And awesome way to end the sweeps.

It's great having such a prominent villain on the show again. Sure, we got 6 eps until the final battle, but it feels like it could be the next ep, which I like. :)

The Kandorians in the FoS... Can't wait.

Two pretty good episodes.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

S-9.13 "Warrior"

Forget Warrior Angel, we all know the real warrior is Zatanna. >_>

Liked how Zatara had put a spell on the never-opened comic, leading to Zatanna having to get involved. And those eyes... ^_^

Nice to see Allison direct an episode actually centered on Chloe this time.

After Zod was suddenly hanging out in Clark's house before, I wondered if there'd be any scenes with them in this. Not surprised there weren't.

This was a nice, fun and pretty flexible episode.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Smallville: Absolute Justice

Even for a non-comics fan like myself, this was an absolute thrill.

Awesome seeing the Icicle/Star-Spangled Kid fight through Chloe's POV.

Liked how the former heros got mixed up with the government and taken to jail for refusing to work for them. Clark learning about them and uncovering the museum was well done.


Awesome match between Icicle/Stargirl.

Guess Fate didn't feel like telling Clark Lex isn't really dead. Interesting way they sorta danced around this.

HE'S BACK! Had a feeling John was getting his powers backs in this, even cemented with a badass line.

A little overboard with slow-mo final battle, but it's what I expect from the show. And I did like how the camera panned around between everyone using their weapons.

OH SNAP! Could Tess's ties with Checkmate have to do with Lex giving her the Luthorcorp position?

Loved the nods to Justice League, "Lois & Clark" and John's appetite for cookies.

When Pam mentioned the apocalypse, I naturally thought, well, isn't that what'll happen if Zod succeeds? >_>

The lesson and encouragement about fighting together more and spending time with eachother outside of that was nice.

Even Cordelia was more human than Chloe in late s3 of Angel -- and she was half demon!

Hopefully the new Dr. Fate will be part of the storyline later, since we know a character or 2 usually appears after the teamup. Can't wait to see what they do next year. For this year, it was great and the 2 parts made the pacing pretty good.