Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai "CLASH OF THE RED RANGERS": Back in Gear

Prepared for the worse going into this, the teamup special turned out to be a one of PR's biggest surprises for me since Jungle Fury.

Scott piloting SkyRev alone didn't make much sense, otherwise I thought the scene and what appeared to be the wasteland was a nice way to start.

A transdimensional train? Interesting, though I wish they hadn't left it for viewers to decide.

I kinda got an old school vibe from Cog. Felt like could've been part of the Machine Empire. Love the nod to Zeo.

Scott not sure if we could breath the air was a pretty reasonable explanation for why he wouldn't demorph. Doing what they could with the suit and ADR worked well and really helped make the episode much better than if they had to have someone else do Red. Antonio was easily handled worse and not quite in-character.

What's this? Emily seems older and the actings not terrible? Hopefully a sign of better times ahead.

Interesting that the Nighloks have a General ranking. Looking forward to how this plays out in future episodes.

That was some weird zord fight. "Super Serpent"? o_O

I like the idea of this taking place after RPM's season and Venjix returned or a new evil took his place (Something sure went wrong then), but just as well Cog could've been a lost unseen General during the fight against Venjix. Also I wasn't too bothered by this airing out of order and I enjoyed the sneak peak of new powers and weapons. Scott getting to use the shark disc was pretty cool.

Scott and Antonio stuck fixing the car was pretty lame and it would've been nice to see the other Ranger Series Operators for at least a moment, otherwise the special turned out good. RPM and Scott were respected well and I enjoyed seeing a sentai vs and movie in PR. Also I really liked that "Get in Gear" was thrown in as a catchphrase. 4/5

"TRAKEENA'S REVENGE" and "WORMHOLE" are still the worst, but I almost wouldn't even put this with them. This definitely wasn't a teamup like we're used to and I imagine set the stage of future seasons when casts will be contracted to return. And with the anniversary season coming, it'll be interesting to see if similar morphed-only appearances happen again.