Thursday, July 25, 2019

Week of RangerBar 4: Pumping It Up

I got to Tacoma around 9:30 PM as Batz worked on getting the place ready. I checked out the new Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid console game and after a few hours, we picked up Tron getting in late from New Orleans. MrDire arrived from Kentucky Monday afternoon and Me0w from North Kansas City later in the evening.

The history making Week of RangerBar 4 officially got underway with the Day 1 staple of video games. I brought my Switch and we mostly played Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Battle For The Grid and had the "Fortnite Pacifists Class," with Lil Sorbo and Batz' girlfriend eventually joining us. Afterwards, we dressed up for the forth "Master Vile Villain Ball" and had pizza.

We ventured out to Des Moines to play around at Waterland Arcade and got Chinese food next door at Dragon Gate - in the midst of a downpour and nasty traffic unfortunately. Afterwards, we headed over to Uncle Cecil's for liquor tasting (Batz, Sorbo & I had previously been to), and then pretty much chilled at the Airbnb, while Batz picked up some special guests flying in from Toronto and took them to their hotel for the night. Since tacos was on the schedule, we eventually metup for a late dinner at Red Star Taco Bar around the block from RangerBar.

Tron fixed us breakfast sandwiches as we got up, Batz swung by, and along with Me0w - Tron, Batz and myself walked over to Safeway so Tron could get ready for the evening and grab whatever else was needed for RangerBar and the Airbnb (which we had Tuesday evening through Friday morning). Tron and Sorbo got busy getting food ready and I tried to help at RangerBar as Batz setup the hallway. His sister was the first to arrive and we put on The Princess Bride until the rest of the group started to trickle in. Soon our special guests - Jeff Parazzo and Kevin Duhaney (The White & Blue DinoThunder Power Rangers) arrived and were amazed at the RangerBar. Two really cool dudes who enjoyed getting to just hangout, chat, eat and have drinks - without all the normal convention stuff they're so used to. After a few hours, the food arrived for the nights event - the "Fred Dryer Dinner" - a tribute to the former football star, turned actor. Master Chef Tron served us all up about half a dozen courses while Dryer's show Hunter played on TV. After Jeff and Kevin left, the night kept going as we headed around the block to a bar/nightclub and then hungout at the Airbnb.

Around noon I took a nice walk (about an hour) from the Airbnb over to RangerBar and took a nap while Batz and his girlfriend ran errands and got ready for the evening. It was a great night with the group including Batz' sister joining us again and Shock Top Steve stopping by. Jeff and Kevin again hungout for a couple hours and Batz even arranged for a friends band to perform. There were fireworks as well. Around midnight, Jeff and Kevin said their goodbyes and got in some pics before flying out Friday morning.

For the first event of the day (what would end up being the final one at RangerBar), Batz fixed us a "Boujee Brunch" as we watched Power Rangers Beast Morphers. Later, we headed over to his girlfriends place and he put on the RangerBar "Cajun Country Music & Movie Festival," along with getting us pizza in addition to some exotic foods to go with the theme. Afterwards, we had a fun cupcake bake off event Me0w and Tron won.

We stopped at RangerBar, a tavern and got in a visit to the B&I Shopping Center. Then it was off to Montesano for the nights event - the "My Two Dads Murder Mystery," which we did at Gepetto's Italian Restaurant & Sports Bar. Afterwards, we got more drinks & hungout at Charlie's Sports Bar and then settled in our hotel room.

Left Montesano and hungout at Batz' girlfriends place. Later that evening, we had a quick "SlutRanger Smokedown," immediately followed by "The Tower 4D Experience" and then the "Michael Pare Ice Cream Parade" which I won easily having the most ice cream. The night wrapped up with watching Power Rangers Ninja Storm by candlelight to pay tribute to Shane the Red Ranger whose actor sadly passed away. Tron flew out early Monday morning, followed by Me0w and MrDire. Batz took me back to RangerBar so I could gather all my stuff and I left Tacoma at 4:30.

It was an awesome week with the largest out of state turnout and you couldn't have asked for better guests in Jeff and Kevin, as RangerBar celebrates 10 years with the very first event happening August 15, 2009 (My first event would come about 2 years later). Though the Airbnb situation got kind of dicey with 4 of us and really only 3 places to sleep it worked out having a place not too far. Definitely look forward to trying to get another Ranger for Week of RangerBar 5 and whatever other surprises happen by then.