Friday, August 28, 2009

RPM #21 "NOT SO SIMPLE": A Silver Lining

Nice to see it's Gemma's turn after Gem had his. Although cutting the sentence-finishing was abrupt, it worked well enough.

I genuinely laughed the first time Flynn tried to get Dr. K to trust him and when he asked Gemma about finishing his sentences. XD

Tenaya's 100% robot? LIES!

Warrior Wheel Mark II!

Boy, is Truman gonna rip K from her high horse in a few eps from now... >_>

This episode was....simply brilliant. I was surprised Matt Negrete wrote it (probably the last script before Lynn and Tellegen fully took over), which made it feel like an Eddie Guzelian ep, I thought. Awesome character focus and footage adapting.

And I don't think Series Gold and Silver will be displayed along the wall with the others. :\

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Power Morphicon 2

Thought I'd share a few thoughts about the next con, officially announced back in June. It's already getting exciting, as a ton of PR alumni are already on board, including nearly everyone who was at Anime Expo -- and it's still a year away.

I'm glad things are happening a lot smoother this time around. Last time, the huge delay in info from the website lead to me scrambling to be on the forum as much as I could during the final month or so (which wasn't easy during May sweeps) and perhaps a better effort to find a roommate could've been made. For next years con, the details will be out in a more timely manner and the roommate situation -- we shall see. I can't wait to see the schedule, which is bound to be jam-packed, better structured and have panels for a majority of the seasons. It'd be nice to buy something from the merch tables this time as well.

I still don't know what I was thinking -- not bothering to spend even a lunch going through the booklet of my then-new digital camera -- instead figuring it out while using it. It was just one trip after another to that gift shop. -_- Next year though, will go MUCH better and I'll definitely have a stash of rechargeable batteries so I can just keep switching them out when needed (more Rangers = more pics).

One thing that was great about the first PMC was the very intimate feel -- tons of impromptu autograph signing and pics, as fans could casually chat with the PR alumni in the hallways -- whether they were passing by or just hanging out. That's likely to change.

I'll look forward to arriving at the location a day or 2 early and be ready for actors who happen to show up the evening before it starts. And being my 3rd PR gathering, things shouldn't be so freakin' awkward. It'll be great to meet actors again who were at the last PMC and ones making their first appearance at the con, all while hanging out with people I know from Rangerboard and talked to at ACEN. ^_^

Saturday, August 8, 2009

RPM #18 "BELLY OF THE BEAST": Blockbuster

This was an excellent episode to cap off the recent Dillon focus and what ultimately became Eddie's last episode. :(

Supervising a huge production value while having someone else write the script was never more obvious than the past 2 eps.

This episode alone felt like more of a mid-season blockbuster than "DARK WISH" ever was -- especially how involved Truman and his men were, the impending doom and Truman and Hicks present for Dr. K's speech for once.

Pretty cool how they were able to change the doomsday machine to become a whale at the last moment and fool the Saw-Bot by forming the new MZ.

And I gotta say I love Tenaya 7's attitude. "KEY TO THE PAST" can't come soon enough.