Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"JUST LIKE ME" (PR-1516): Smooth Moves

Nice to be getting some good ol' 6th Ranger focus, something we haven't really had since before Kalish took over. As long as Tyzonn doesn't stray TOO out-of-character (Cam and the guitar, anyone?) I'm gonna continue to like this. Him trying to copy Will was a bit silly, but I didn't mind it too much and it made for a decent plot and matched the footage.

Something I DO mind? Norg. I did like how they tried to give him something to do by going over to Moltor's, but the freakin' dream sequence ruined it. >_<

Loved the unmorphed action with genetic powers. Morphed wire-fu madness -- not so much. >_>

Moltor making Chillers and giant Lava Lizards... I'll be looking forward to seeing Task 21 of Boukenger, that's for sure.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

"BEHIND THE SCENES" (PR-1515): Dude, where's my zord?

I was skeptical at first about this episode. Glad it didn't turn into a Dax focus, after his stage fright. Tyzonn suddenly had a change in personality and got anxious for his new zord(s).

The "Good Morning San Angeles" scenes were nicely done.

Liked how they actually showed the city under attack, which we don't get very often anymore. The footage was a bit jumpy, as they didn't show any buildings get hit or Rangers fall and demorph. In this day and age though, I'll take it.

And the Rangers failed for once. ... REALLY failed. I was afraid they'd go straight to Super DriveMax or Ultrazord, every time now.

More great villain vs. villain action. Moltor's been gone long enough now. Hope we see him in "JUST LIKE ME."


Monday, June 11, 2007


The special hour-long teamup, "ONCE A RANGER" with an appearance by Alpha (which number is anyones guess) ... Airs July 25th, 8:00 ET/PT on Toon Disney!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

"MAN OF MERCURY, I and II" (PR-1513-1514): Fearcats are on the move, Fearcats are loose...

The last introduction for a 6th member wasn't too "LONG AGO" but I 'd say this is the best it's been handled since DinoThunder.

Nice cameo by Jim McLarty (Broodwing) playing Dr. Medland.

Fearcats vs the Ninjas. Love how much villain-against-villain stuff we're getting and how we have something different than a normal single group of bad guys with foot soldiers.

Norg is always gonna be pretty useless, but I like Flurious' reactions to him.

Nice focus on Ronnie. Liked how she used the cats own weapon against them and bonded with Tyzonn.

Tyzonn was saved by Hartford a little TOO quick.

I didn't mind Flurious pulling the Gyro's outta nowhere, but Norg dragging in Cheetar and Mig's bodies could've been handled a lot better.

Enjoyed Tyzonn's backstory of being a rescuer. His morph is cool and the solo fight was pretty standard. Was a bit turned off by the Transtech and Hovercraft appearing for 2 seconds beforehand. Although I'd say the worst were the 2 second zord fights. -_-

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Teamup Rumors

From a News & Views column test on The Realm of ShyRanger:

POSTED 5/12: The returning Rangers for the teamup are rumored to be Adam, Xander, Tori, Bridge and Chip. Emma was rumored of coming back, but according to information leaked by Richard Brancatisano himself, it seems Chip will be Yellow, not Kira. Also, there will be a zord fight. Eh, "zord fight" = Excuse to use footage a Boukenger episode. And how much you wanna bet Tori will have a showdown with Miratrix for the traditional "girl fight"?

POSTED 3/31: Rita and Zedd's son seeks revenge on Rangers past and present in a special 15th anniversary teamup. Source. I'm definitely looking forward to this. Lets just hope they come up with a decent story that makes sense.