Sunday, February 1, 2009

S-8.13 "Power"

I know a lot of people didn't think this episode was as good as others have been, but I liked it. I always like re-created flashbacks and was happy to finally find out what Lana had been up to and how she made the DVD so quickly.

I liked the path they gave Lana and how she convinced Dr. Grohl to let her have the invincibility suit. Watching her cut her hair was really unneeded, nor was kissing to end the episode again (I'd say it should've been left off "Bulletproof").

I love they're pushing forward with Lex being a badass once again. I wonder if they'd flashback to Lex saving Tess or offering her Luthorcorp. And doesn't Tess know what happened to Gina, after she came out that she loved Lex? >_>

So is Davis stuck as Doomsday now? Does Lex still know Clark's secret? I'm half expecting something will happen to his mind as a result of the experiments if he does, or maybe he doesn't know anymore, considering they're going so far as to give him a modified voice with the body double. It must've been a helluva time rescuing him and getting him hooked up after the Fortress collapsed.