Friday, June 22, 2012

Megaforce thoughts and Super Samurai update

Rarely does Power Ranger news leave me speechless -- But that's what happened on the 11th when I clicked a link to the Megaforce press release on Facebook and was quickly shocked to see the word "Goseiger." Thinking back on the week, it reminded me of around this time 9 years ago, when the DinoThunder news came out that announced Tommy would be back -- and was shot down by Doug Sloan for being a bit premature.

I've watched some episodes of Gosei to see what it's like before I start Gokaiger and I see a lot of potential with Warstar. I'm generally optimistic but not so much that Megaforce won't follow Samurai and end "season 1" just before the team powerup is introduced. And it'd be nice to see PR Legend War used next year, though wouldn't be surprised to see it saved 2 years to transition to PR's Gokai. I like the concept of going back to "5 teenagers with attitude" with Master Head/Datas in Zordon/Alpha roles -- I just hope they can make it work and maybe change some of the names. I'm glad they at least won't be following Gosei's story so closely or using any kind of angel theme. Hopefully Saban gets out of the 2 year thing by 2015.

Super Samurai, I thought has gotten somewhat better thanks to focus episodes we should've had early in Samurai. "THE STRANGE CASE OF THE MUNCHIES" was easily the most original and I'd say best episode we'll get, with "HE AIN'T HEAVY MENTAL, HE'S MY BROTHER" behind it, plus decent focus on Kevin, Mike, Mia/Spike and the crush on Pink. "THE MASTER RETURNS" was a good episode to go out on. I was surprised and liked Xandred getting angry enough to cross over, while Serrator showed his true motives and the Rangers got beat pretty bad. Though Dayu's sudden temper felt really forced and I wish Serrator had gotton Octoroo to shutup. Yeah, it's all pretty much straight Shinkenger and this is why I haven't seen much of it.