Saturday, July 20, 2013

Week of Ranger Bar Roundup

As July 1 came upon us, I was excited for what was promising to be Ranger Bar's biggest week ever, and coincidentally just over a year after Rangers vs Ninjas (what would be one of the last events at the Ranger Bar Apartment). But with Ranger Bar located at a house currently, thinks were sure to get crazy. And I wondered how closely we'd stick to the schedule and menu for the week that was prepared.

Monday Day 1: I arrived in Federal Way and BatZilla98 (aka Batz) picked me up in the Batzmobile just before 3. First off, we swung by a couple stores for groceries and supplies (including one that felt like we had driven to Mexico). After getting back, hung out and eventually got ready for the nights event: Master Vile's Monsterous Ball. Batz would be Finster, our buddy Tron (who had flown in from New Orleans) as a human version of Eyeguy and myself as the made-up Masked Marauder. The festivities kicked off after 9:30, and for the most part it was just us hanging out with Batz's brother, his girlfriend and a few of her friends late into the night. Of course I'm the lone non-smoker but I never care if others do.

Tuesday Day 2: Once we got going in the afternoon, Batz made breakfast and we soon headed out to look for deals on Power Ranger toys to line the Hall of Legends with. After browsing Lily Pad, Batz's best friend met up with us at Tricky's. Then Tron wanted to see the Bridge of Glass so we went over to the Dale Chihuly Museum for awhile. After we got back I had to leave to go to work Wednesday morning and Batz spent the night playing board games with people, while Tron was passed out.

Wednesday Day 3: The days event was a tribute to Paul Reiser, in the form of watching My Two Dads and The Tower. Batz had also planned on launching Ranger Bar Radio Live, but ran into website trouble. That night the guys had a party, a sort of precursor to things to come.

Thursday the 4th: The big event was a purple ooze party in honor of the 1995 Power Rangers movie. Proving to be no easy task, the guys got underway making the ooze and picked me up about 7:30 on the way to the store to restock the supplies to make it (It consisted mostly of pudding, cake mix, food coloring and dozens and dozens of corn starch).

The party got underway after 10:00 as more and more people started showing up. The drinks were flowing, fireworks booming and snacks going (which ran out hours before the party ended). Batz horsed around with the ooze outside at one point, but not as much of it was used then what was expected. And one mishap occurred with an explosive which resulted in the house filling with smoke for a few minutes. I was perfectly comfortable staying inside the entire time and ended up taking 4 shots with the guys over the night, in addition to enjoying Batz's loaded fruit punch. After midnight Batz's brother eventually tried multiple times to shut down the party to get some sleep but it'd past 4 am by the time we wrapped it up. We settled in Batz's bedroom as he put on some Power Rangers on a small TV.

Friday Day 5: A pretty lazy afternoon hanging out. We put on My Two Dads again and The Tower (which I practically fell asleep to). Later, Batz restocked the fridge and made a couple pizzas, while Tron and I started playing Super Smash Bros Brawl on my Wii. The 3 of us had a long 99-lives challenge and then put on a Dolph Lundgren movie. We also had a ice cream social with all the fixings around 4 am.

Saturday Day 6: Batz and Tron had come up with ideas for our own fanfilm so we started recording a bunch of video for it after we went back to Tacoma. The days event was an old school arcade tour so we headed over to B & I Amusements for awhile and then Dorky's. When we got home most of the time was spent doing fanfilm scenes and Batz fixed us spaghetti, meatballs and garlic bread.

Sunday the Finale: No lounging around today - Batz had planned a spray paint challenge at The Garages in Tacoma beginning at 1. Though it was pretty quiet and the contest didn't happen - We instead spent about an hour working on fanfilm scenes. Afterwards we stopped by Jack in the Box and continued to work on scenes when we got back. An evening of watching Saban's Beetleborgs (sister show to Power Rangers) while enjoying baked goods had been planned but was cancelled. Batz then dropped me off to catch the bus at 8:30 and took Tron to the airport.

It was definitely a fun week. I kinda wish I hadn't had to miss part of it but it worked out better than if I had taken an entire suitcase (instead of a backpack) and been gone an entire week (whereas with Morphicon I'd be gone about 5 and a half days). And since I don't smoke or drink really, a whole night of partying can start to get boring. I gotta say though, Batz knows how to entertain and fed us well. I probably will stay the week off when we do it again in 2 years and hopefully we'll get another person or so. In the meantime, Ranger Bar's annual trip to the fair and Halloween Haunted House will be coming up and I look forward to playing the morphinominal 20th anniversary monopoly.

Check out my pics here and head over to Ranger Bar for more.