Saturday, March 26, 2011

PRS #07: "I'VE GOT A SPELL ON BLUE": Mind Games

Liked the setup for the plot in the beginning with Jayden and Kevin morphed and sparring.

The fight scenes were pretty good I thought. The unmorphed Rangers blended nicely with the Shinkenger clips.

The interaction between Xandred and his crew was nicely done. Felt like we got to know more about them and I liked the reactions to Deker finally paying them a visit.

Only complaint is Madimot was quite annoying and Jayden gained control of Tigerzord too quickly, otherwise I enjoyed this one. 4/5

Sunday, March 20, 2011

PRS #06 "THERE GO THE BRIDES": Dayu Nightmare

This episode definitely had its moments. I liked how kidnappings had been going on for awhile and the team setup a fake wedding to lure the Moogers in a trap. Dayu kidnapping the brides and using the tears to make a dress to get revenge for something that happened to her was cool, but I'd be nice if we knew more about her past. And I liked how Emily snuck in with the captured brides and helped freed them. Also, the bakery part was cute and it was nice to see Bulk & Spike nearly meet the Rangers.

The acting is still atrocious at times (especially from Erika Fong) and some of the dialogue comes off kinda awkward in the translation from Shinkenger -- otherwise good episode.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

All For Buffy @ ECCC '11

Besides anime and Power Rangers, I hadn't really been to any other conventions before, so I didn't quite know what to expect as I headed downtown on Saturday the 5th. I made sure to show up early, getting to the convention center about 10:00. It was pretty quiet as I easily walked up to the sales booth on the 4th floor and was good to go. There was a SoyJoy booth handing out samples and bags, while a DJ spun, so I just hung out there for awhile. Eventually I went to the 3rd floor where the media guests were stationed and after an hour or so in line, I met James Marsters and bought a Spike photo. James was great and after asking me if I was a Superman fan, joked about how he loves working on Smallville because they pay him so much and how Tom Welling (Clark) is a real jerk. I knew he'd be awesome. ^_^

Next I got in the photo-op registration line, which ended up taking around an hour and a half. It was stuffy, crowded and smelly at times -- hard to stand in line so long -- despite I hadn't even been at the convention very long. After I got signed up for 2:20 (when the Buffy cast would have their turn), I got something to eat and chilled for a bit.

At 2:00 I got in line for the photo-op and could tell I wasn't feeling right. Soon I got my pic with James & Nicholas Brendan and one with Clare Kramer (Glory, season 5). Then I headed back to the 4th floor to get ready for the Buffy panel, which already had a HUGE line snaking several rows in a big open room next door. The panel got started late by the time everyone was seated, but it was still fun enjoying James, Nicholas and Clare chat it up for a half hour and answer some Qs. Afterwards, I went over to Clare's autograph table, which had barely any line all day. She was very nice and liked the pic of us and signed her Buffy headshot I purchased. Nicholas was kind enough to sign my Buffy season 6 DVD cover for no money, after I told him I didn't have enough cash.

And with that, I hightailed it outta there by about 4:30, not feeling well at all (which, aside from a wonderful store party, lasted ALL last week -_-). To finally meet some of the cast from Buffy close to home was amazing and ultimately worth the money and health I paid. If they get anyone else from Buffy/Angel, I'll definitely go back.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

PRS #05 "A FISH OUT OF WATER": True Blue to the Rescue

I really liked this one. The plot just really worked for me -- how Yamiror made the Rangers sick and Kevin had to retrieve the Swordfish Zord to save them. Yeah, the fisherman was kinda random (Kevin could've told him he was a Ranger), but I'm used to this sorta thing on PR.

I love when our heros get beaten badly and demorph in battle. Saban's doing a great job of having the Rangers dirty and not always remain clean cut like before.

5/5. I don't think there'll be many focus episodes that I'll like more than this.

Also check out episode 5 of my podcast, talking about some early thoughts of Power Rangers Samurai, "THE TEAM UNITES" and "DEAL WITH A NIGHLOK."

Sunday, March 6, 2011

S-10.16 "Scion"

I really like how Alexander became a scion to Clark. Enjoyed watching him learn about his powers. The heat vision was funny.

Great to see Luthor Mansion again -- or whats left of it.

Faceless double for Lex. Check.

Obligatory Oliver/Chloe mention. Check.

DARKSEID!! Did they know Rosenbaum would be returning when this was filmed? I'd imagine so. My guess is that yeah, Lex is revived at the cost of Lionel's life (depending on whether he shows up again). And nice to actually see Lex's headstone after all this time.

The episode was well played out. Good one to start a break on. Now alt-Jonathan is coming? Also, nice that they'll be showing the pilot, but a 10 year special would be better.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

PRS #04 "STICKS & STONES": Yellow Trouble

Liked the flashbacks of Emily with her sister and her bonding with Mike.

Some of the insults were lame, but the one-liners worked better this time.

I like how the Nighloks actually harm civilians and cause accidents. Would be nice if they'd bother to explain they grow by getting a second life.

Some of the acting is still pretty wooden, but this was a good focus episode for Emily and I'm quickly getting to like her. 4/5