Saturday, January 31, 2009

Power Rangers RPM update and comments

You know, I was SO confident RPM would be on Disney XD -- clearly a perfect match, but nooo... I won't rule out the possibility that my ABC affiliate will return to showing PR, but baring a miracle, this'll be the first time I'll be relying on encodes for the entire season. (On a side note, the worst incident I had back when episodes were being first-run on ABC between 2002-03 was sitting down to watch the Ninja Storm premiere off the VCR, just to find out my affiliate opted to show infomercials instead. >_<)

I like that for the first time since Wild Force, we'll have 4 females on the show: A mentor named Dr. K (Olivia Tennet), Tenaya 7 -- a "hot villain" (Adelaide Kane), plus the Yellow and Silver Rangers.

It'll be interesting to see how it turns out, knowing that Bruce Kalish original replacement (Eddie Guzelian) was fired half-way through the season and someone -- who it sounds like changed the shows direction to be more lighthearted -- took over.

The most depressing news out of all of it (besides being on ABC only), would have to be that Jackie Marchand left as a result of the EP problems, joining some other staff out the door. :(

This kinda sounds like a mash-up of Turbo and Wild Force. For me, Turbo was essentially the equivalent of a Kalish Disney season and the last time I really didn't care much to watch and/or record the show -- mainly during some of the second-half fillers. As the saying goes, "everything but the kitchen sink," which is what they were throwing at us. Most episodes weren't more than average. The detonators plot got done to death. Some of the CarRanger footage was used pretty bad at times and PR gave no explanation (the zord crash course in ep 3, the awkward giant Porto fight, the villains running off... bah). A couple story plots were dropped as well when Hilary Turner took over Divatox and Judd Lynn replaced Doug Sloan. Of course, it wasn't ALL bad. Phantom Ranger was cool and the arc with General Havoc was well done. And when "CHASE INTO SPACE" aired, I thought it was the best finale ever... heh.

We'll just see how PR handles another "goofy car sentai" again. And hooray for episode titles that aren't all 5 words!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

S-8.11 "Leigon"

This episode was a great way to introduce non-comic fans (like myself) to the Leigon. I seriously feel like reading comics now. ^_^

The entire ep was executed and written perfectly. Was surprised when Persuader was gone so quickly, but the reason he was there was great.

Loved how Garth nearly said "Superman" and the "No glasses, no tights, no flights" reference. :D Awesome use of superpowers too and letting Clark come up with the techno-exorcism.

Alison played Marsters' Brianiac beautifully.

Since the Fortress is still transformed, I assume Brainiac is still there or he'll be back with Doomsday's help.

Anyone else feel odd being without much of the main cast? Can't wait for the Tess/Lana confrontation in "Bulletproof" and whatever Lana's destiny is.