Monday, July 28, 2008

"RACE TO THE NEXUS" (PR-1621): Zokado and Zord

Great continuation from last episode with different episode titles to boot.

I thought the roll call shots thrown in during the Overlords talking was cool, but apparently Grizzaka wasn't on the same page. If anything he could've saved the formal intro for the Rangers.

Sure, PR has been stripping away any emotion the sentai has (especially in the Kalish years), but I thought it really kinda stood out this episode, namely when Casey had to pick which Carnisoar was the real one -- something I can only imagine (until I watch the episode) was longer and deeper in Geki.

Finishing the zord battle AFTER the last break? Hmm, I almost thought this would end on a cliffhanger, with Carnisoar surviving and quickly knocking Dominic outta the Megazord or something.

"Rhino Steel Warrior"?... "Rhino Steel Megazord"?... "Rhino Pride Megazord"?

Grizzaka suddenly coming out at the very end felt odd. Did the "sand snakes" really keep him trapped longer than the others? And why guardians of the Nexus? Why couldn't they be, ya know, created by the Overlords (or just Grizzaka)?

Despite the crappy writing in places, a 4 it is. The action with the Overlords was pretty good and I really liked the first (and only) battle with Carnisoar. Kudos for Casey not using the bikelizer!

Monday, July 21, 2008

"DASH FOR THE DAGGER" (PR-1620): Dawn of Destiny

This was a good, rather comical episode. I'm enjoying the build up to the Phantoms and crystal eyes. Bonus points for throwing Dai Shi/Jarrod in HIS OWN dungeon and him (nor Camille) finding out the plans.

Kinda nice seeing things that are pretty rare on the show -- a restaurant (besides JKP or Pete's), laundromat, taxi...

Good thinking on Camille's part to get the dagger, by disguising herself (with black hair this time) to spy on Theo and Dominic, then fighting them in battle.

I wouldn't normally care for roll calls outside of a premiere/finale/teamup, but this was one of the best PR has done/imported in years. Awesome team attack on Whiricane too, with Dom delivering the final blow.

Obvious Geki two-part mash-up, but it worked out pretty well. 4/5.

Monday, July 14, 2008

"PATH OF THE RHINO" (PR-1619): White Ranger, Rhino Power

This episode was sorta like....what if Nova Ranger had joined SPD for the last quarter of the season, or if Omega had been something more besides a prop.

The premise of the episode wasn't bad. Dominic's an old buddy of RJ's from the academy and had left to go search the world and find his place. He comes to Ocean Bluff for a visit and wants to join the team after seeing our heros in action. The way it was written and that they had very limited time constraints was another matter. More time before Dom's first morph probably would've been better.

The Rangers didn't even use weapons against Crocovile in the first fight. They could've done more to show he was too tough for them, before the fight was halted and the darn skateboarder got in the way. I thought they would show the rhino spirit. -_-

No team roll call for once, but the bike is used yet again. And yeah, playing double-duty as this years battlizer, appearing in every scab episode thus far.

I liked how Dom warmed up to Fran pretty quick and how she was worked into the ep. Casey's change of heart about him felt too rushed. And Dom has a cool personality, but his joking around was a bit over-the-top, I thought (considering he was trying to get them to LIKE him).

JKP has some sweet rides, but how many times can Tommy's jeep be repainted?! <_<

Another episode just missing a 5/5.

Monday, July 7, 2008

"TRUE FRIENDS, TRUE SPIRITS" (PR-1618): Fly by the Side

Interesting episode. I liked how Grizzaka used the evil spirit to get RJ to change into the wolf and how he ended up saving Flit from under rubble. Nice character focus, although the whole "my friend" thing was a bit overdone.

Wolf Pride Megazord is pretty sweet. Like how RJ controls it better than the others in Jungle Pride.

Hmm, Fran playing the role of Cam? I'd kinda like to see them go with this.

Pretty funny when Flit came in JKP and the last scene, with the gang trying to swat the fly.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"NO 'I' IN LEADER" (PR-1617): Whine of the Tiger

Yeah, Casey's a little whiner, but otherwise another good episode.

It's great having RJ -- the best character of the entire season -- much more involved now.

I have to say, I'm very happy with the way the opening credits have turned out this year. The new scenes they put in, flow of the Jungle Master/unmorphed/Megazord shots and the new solo pieces of RJ and Fran mesh very well. I'm glad they've still kept in the CGI helmets, which SPD eventually took out.

Go figure the battle (from Geki) takes place in a completely destroyed area, despite the guards (Deja and Vu) doing NO damage whatsoever on-screen. At least they tried to make the new footage match -- kinda.

Dai Shi/Jarrod wants to gain the power from the Nexus... the Rhino Nexus. Oh boy. Master Org should be suing. Although "Nexus" is a general term, it's hard not to think of the Org Nexus... And thank god Dai Shi has something else to do, besides defeat more footsoldiers in hopes of gaining the Zokado powers. -_-

Gotta love RJ, always the funny man enjoying Fran's chocolate-anchovie special. >_>