Tuesday, April 26, 2011

S-10.18 "Booster"

Liked how Clark trying to work out his new persona connected with Booster Gold and what he was going through. Going in the direction of getting people to think that there's no way Clark can be the Blur this close to the end is an interesting choice. I'm finding it kinda funny and am not surprised Cat Grant bought into it easily. Also, I liked how Cat pretended to be one of Booster's girls and how Clark had to save her. The Blue Beetle tech sneaking away with Jamie and taking over him was cool too.

This was a nice light-hearted episode before the impending doom and gloom. I enjoyed how it progressed and learning about Booster's struggles. Wasn't sure if they'd really get into his background. Bonus points for the phonebooth sequence and Booster's suggestion about using "super."

Saturday, April 16, 2011

PRS #09 "TEST OF THE LEADER": Dawn of Destiny

Aside from them going too far making Jayden a Shiba and Najee's line delivery being god awful at times -- I loved this episode.

Liked how we began with Xandred sending out as many Moogers as possible. Good fight scenes and calling out Jayden was pretty cool. Extra points for building destruction. Liked the flashback of the past Samurai Rangers as well.

Bulk & Spike were great. Kinda wish they'd give Bulk more confidence after all he's been through facing monsters, but I'm optimistic there's a lot more in store for them. Like how the Pink Ranger crush has begun.

I'm finding Xandred's medicine coverup quite funny. Sure, it's most likely medicine in the script, but I'd like to think the Nighloks just call it that when it's really something else. Why else would Xandred seem hungover? Besides the lasting effects from the last time he was sealed, all those years suffering clearly drove him to drink. >_>

Despite the continued translation raping of Shinkenger plots, this is one of those episodes that I'd give high marks to no matter what season. And yeah, it could be considered lazy for editing our Rangers over Shinkenger's in places instead of filming new scenes, but I think it's pretty nicely done when I can't even tell until it's pointed out. 5/5

Saturday, April 2, 2011

PRS #08 "FOREST FOR THE TREES": Green with Envy

Giving Mia the Beetle was silly but it did a decent job of setting up the plot. Ji having enough problems with Mike to take his samurizer was outta left field, but otherwise the episode was pretty good with Hector easily being the best actor among the Rangers. And a nature lesson for the kids never hurts. :P

Liked the focus on symbol power and how we got to know a little more about Ji. Nice to see him get out for once. Really annoying to hear "Mentor" over and over again.

Another fun scene with Bulk & Spike as they slowly get closer to learning the Rangers identities.

Also thought it was cool to see the MOTD trip a gap sensor for the first time.

Having not seen any Shinkenger is making these episodes more fun for me to watch. I initially thought to give it a 5, but yeah -- that's being too generous as long as plot points are being brought over that just don't work that well here. Still an easy 4/5.