Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Countdown to Morphicon

It's been an interesting summer, beginning with the news Saban bought back the show. It was quite unexpected, especially after it was declared canceled a year prior and it looked like maybe it'd return in a few years. Boy, that was fast. Filming is staying in New Zealand, but will now be shot in HD, so it'll be interesting to see how it all plays out. And this was the first summer being able to follow real-time updates of the casting process via Rangerboard with people with twitter/other connections, so that was pretty cool.

MMPRv2 has been forgettable and has had some questionable editing, but what the heck -- It's something and I have liked some of the graphics (Can't wait for the ORIGINAL eps on Nicktoons this fall >_>). No new season has helped make time for other things, such as watching GaoRanger and an english dub of Bioman. I'll check out a few eps of Shinkenger when PR's adaptation premieres, but the desire to watch recent sentai (after 4 years of MagiRanger, Boukenger, GekiRanger and Go-Onger) is pretty much history.

Now the second Power Rangers convention is upon us. A bunch of voice-actors, writers and crew from the old days will be making first ever appearances (some with their own panels), which will be fun. Unfortunately, their will be few (if any) New Zealand and Aussie cast from the Disney years, which will be different from meeting the Mystic Force and Operation Overdrive casts last time. Their should also be a lot more sitting around at panels and less wandering around watching for actors to appear in the halls and hanging out in the dealers room. The con should also be more organized and smoother overall than the first one as well. ACEN '08 was great, but it's time to get back to some good old PR festivities and keep "Mario" at home. And it'll be nice to meet people from the chatroom and board who didn't make it to ACEN or the first Morphicon, while hanging out with others I've met before.