Saturday, April 25, 2009

RPM #08 "RANGER YELLOW, Part 1": Girl Power

Nice to see two-part eps acknowledged as such in the titles again and none of the Kalish "adding a II" crap.

I thought the Q&A with the kids was enjoyable and sorta felt like a jab at the fandom.

Summer was really cliche in her flashback, but I like how they were daydreams and most likely some exaggeration of what actually happened. I really like what they're doing with her and her motivation to be a better person.

Nice to see Tenaya 7 out on another mission. While I do like how heavily focused the Rangers are while the villains are limited to monsters, Grinders and Tenaya (as Venjix oversees everything), more with them would be nice. Like maybe have Tenaya in more episodes if Shifter and Crunch are gonna stay in the scrap heap?

This episode had great fight scenes too and did a nice job of having Summer save the day.

The parents were dumb, but meh, big deal. Remember how goofy Boom's parents were? >_>

So on a scale of female Yellow eps, I'd give this a solid "WAY OF THE MASTER" out of a "INVASION OF THE BODY SWITCHER."

Sunday, April 19, 2009

RPM #07 "RANGER RED": Flying Low

This episode sorta put me on the fence. While part of it was good, part of it was just weird too.

Scott getting in some screentime with Ziggy and showing him the ropes was nice. Using the stroller against the Grinders was funny, but just felt kinda wrong, I thought, with the baby inside.

Pretty decent flashbacks for Scott. I especially liked how he witnessed his brothers death when the jet exploded. Didn't really like how he was able to return to the crash site a year later and find the envelope still there. And really bad CGI. >_>

Wasted chance for a full screen of Scott's complete morph.

Cool intro for the CrocCrawler.

3/5 overall. Every season -- no matter how good -- has a plot or something I don't care much about and it doesn't help that aviation doesn't interest me.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

RPM #05 "HANDSHAKE": Creepy Crawly

Love the tension Dillon has with Dr. K. Nice follow-up with the invisibility power getting tested. Yeah, I can see why we aren't getting "RANGER BLACK" for the foreseeable future, which is just fine since Dillon's had more focus than anyone until now.

Wow, I forgot how PR can be GENUINELY FUNNY. The blaster coming out of the fridge made me laugh which doesn't happen very often.

Tenaya's remote hand ala Addams Family was pretty cool. GREAT callback using the blaster to kill it. Loved how she commented on the monsters wacky design.

General Crunch asking if Venjix was gonna supersize Nozzbot then, or wait until the Rangers beat him was great too. And Crunch's new voice fits better.

The only real complaint is that Ziggy was given his zord without anything being said when Dr. K gave Dillon his. Otherwise, another great episode, right down to Ziggy's on-the-job learning of how to fight. 5/5.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

S-8.18 "Eternal"

Flashback episodes are generally pretty good and this one didn't disappoint.

Wow -- loved how they perfectly added new scenes with Young Davis to the pilot footage, even adding stand-ins for the Kents walking away. Hopefully Young Lex returns next year for an episode or 2.

Clark and Chloe figuring out what's been going on with Davis was nicely done. Good to see Clark get on her about it.

Great continuity with the Traveler storyline again. The way Tess told it was pretty nice. Great to see that facility again too.

I know, I'm lame. Had no idea what Chloe was looking at on the couch (before Clark threw it in the fire), until someone filled me in. -_- I'll definitely start watching the DVDs by next year.

Geez, Clark is such a dick, but it does make for a great plot point...

Clark: Fuck you, bitch. I don't care you're not a Luthor. I'm not telling you anything.
Tess: Fine, we'll play it you're way... Kal-El.

Damn, now Tess has Lex's map to the Fortress! Hmm, Tess possibly controlling Clark for the season finale cliffhanger would make up for Lex not getting to do it. And it could be the only way he fights Bloomsday.