Thursday, June 9, 2011

PRS #16 "BOXED IN": Season Ending Stalling

Felt like the show was back under Disney for a moment with the flips and explosions. Good to see the show try to do their own thing and even Bulk & Spike getting in near the action. Though I feel like they'll probably just disappear again. I appreciated the buildings destruction as well to go with the Shinkenger fight.

While Antonio worked on the talisman I kept wondering how it'd be done before the end of the episode. Lame how it looked like the plot would be resolved here with the new powerup, but I do look forward to next time. As long as the we continue where we left off when new eps return, I'm not too bothered by the plotlines getting dragged out.

I didn't think this was a bad episode, I just wish it hadn't been so misleading. Kinda weird that the season's over suddenly. And considering we've only had 16 eps (plus the original first 2), I doubt this was really ever thought of to be the season finale and just where Nick decided to put it. It gets a 4.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

PRS #15 "THE TENGEN GATE": Ancient History

Thought the Megazord fight was pretty good. I really like how Sanzu River went crazy and the Moogers increased during Xandred's power struggle.

Had Turbo/Space flashbacks when Ji said "Black Box." >_>

Good plan from Octoroo to find out the sealing power symbol (and make Jayden suffer). I figure they just wanted to make him more kid-friendly (not that there's anything evil about the original costume in the first place)... But as long as he's out scheming, I don't really care. Liked how Archnitor plotted to become the new King as well.

I love that the show is going somewhere and building up to a season finale similar to the Fox Kids days. We've had enough years of the head villain waiting all year for the big boss to arrive or whatever. 5/5