Monday, July 23, 2007

"ONE GETS AWAY" (PR-1519): Jewel Thief

What a nice episode. The ninjas stealing the third jewel from Will, battling with the FearKitties, Moltor getting some scenes and a quick appearance by Flurious. Having all the villains in an episode worked well this time -- and to think Bruce Kalish wrote it. >_>

Funny how Rose had herself and the team keep going and going... until they were waist deep in the ocean.

Will should know better than to work alone anymore, but the attack by Miratrix and Kamdor was well done. I wish those two could have more of a background.

Running thoughts during Will's resignation:
"Oooh, this time Will's quitting for real."
"All I care about are the jewels... Now GET OUT!"

Hate how Hartford is such an ass, but love how Spencer OWNS him. "Yeah, you lost the CROWN, buddy!"

I was kinda surprised Moltor was eager to do something nice for the Kitties. Obviously, he must have some underlying plan.

Nice combat between Mack and Mig. Anytime the censors let the Fearcats hand guns pass is good.

That was one sweet evil zord and the battle was great. Liked how they used strategies and different Megazord combos. Too bad they weren't named. :\ And I wish they'd care to mention if the Cats are having the robots built for them by stolen Lava Lizards or what?? I suppose that could be it, since they dropped off a few Lizards as a "present" for Moltor, so maybe they're doing all the work.

"Once a Ranger, always a Ranger." Nice prelude to the teamup. And I imagine the recap of villains will lead into the big alliance.

What's going on with Hartford? Is he not from Earth? Is he Rita and Zedd's son, Thrax? (Eh...) And as much as I can't stand him, I'm glad they're at least doing something with him.

5/5. Best episode with Kalish as the writing credit since Doggie Cruger's Ranger debut in "SHADOW, II."

"OUT OF LUCK" (PR-1518): Compass Craziness

I'd say this was a funny episode and written pretty well. Mack's run of bad luck was funny to watch, but got dull as it went on... and on and on.

I wonder what Hartford meant about Mack being affected by luck? At least his worry over him seems to be for good reason now.

Liked how the compass was used in the Megazord battle.


Sunday, July 8, 2007

"IT'S HAMMER TIME" (PR-1517): Not so Godly...

After focusing on Tyzonn a couple episodes, we return to other Ranger focus, starting with Ronny.

This was a weird episode for me and I have a lot of mixed feelings about it.

It's great they did something original, but I just wasn't feeling the Gods. The way it was done with Loki starting out posing as Thor was a bit awkward.

And speaking of awkward, am I the only one who's sick of Spencer being able to impersonate practically anyone?! This was just as bad as when he was falling off the building in "THE UNDERWATER WORLD." >_<

I did like how Thor called the jewels "The Jewels of the Gods" and Thor, Loki, Flurious and Moltor had their own unique teleporting effect.

Also liked how they fitted all the villains into the episode, but the first zord battle and monster were VERY random. I was hoping we'd see more of Miratrix and Kamdor. And it was great how Moltor swooped in at the end and stole the relic.