Monday, November 22, 2010

S-10.09 "Patriot"

I couldn't help but feel like a patriot after that.

The focus between A.C. and Clark was well done. I liked how Clark was hard on him for blowing up the refinery before learning the reason.

Loved how Lois became part of the team and was introduced to Watchtower. Nice to see her meet Dr. Hamilton as well. Great line about him being part of the group, despite Clark never needing a checkup.

Ending speech was awesome.

Also like how the VRA plot is moving along and how Oliver had no clue what he was getting into.

A very solid episode all-around and one of the best for a JLer.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

S-10.08 "Abandoned"

I always appreciate how the show doesn't leave viewers feeling abandoned.

Great to finally learn Tess's backstory as a little girl and find out that she's a Luthor. Didn't think they'd reveal so much in this episode. Don't really like how "Lutessa Luthor" sounds, but I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Liked how Lois went to the Fortress to try to help patch things up between Jor-El and Clark after watching the video of her mom. Yeah, I sorta wish Jor-El wasn't such a dick and would say something, but we know he's pissed, teaching a lesson and it'll obviously get all worked out by the end. And well done getting Sands and Slater back to do the hologram bit and Hatcher.

Nice to Desaad and Godfrey alongside Granny, especially with Darkseid not having much of a presence so far this season.

Wow, Clark has a ring and Lois has a...dress? They're not setting up for another "Bride" are they? >_>

This episode packed a lot and gave us plenty to look forward to. It did make me think that after hearing about Tess being a Luthor a couple weeks ago, I may wanna consider heavily avoiding rumors like this as the show winds down next year.