Sunday, February 27, 2011

S-10.15 "Fortune"

This was a fun, easy-going episode to balance out the finale that will most likely cost a fortune.

Wasn't sure how well this would turn out, but I gradually got into it. Nice to see Clark teamup with Chloe for one last time, Oliver with Lois and... Tess/Emil? That was a pleasant surprise.

Cute trick from Zatanna. Makes me wish Serinda would appear again.

The drunken antics were great. Loved Clark having trouble with super speed and when he took the armored car.

Liked how Emil got to be the victim for once and Clark had to save him.

Bonus points for Batman and Wonder Woman mentions. Hope Chloe makes one more cameo, but either way, it was a nice sendoff for her.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Powered Up For a 'Super' 2011

I thought about doing my usual year end review last month, but really, a lot of 2010's memorable things happened early in the year (Survivor's 10th anniversary, Winter Games in Vancouver, Valentine's Day) -- followed by a summer with team builds and outdoor activities, capped off with the trip to Pasadena. Plenty of good times, but also a feeling of going stale... Between the lack of new Power Rangers ("reversioned" MMPR instead), American Idol needing a change and spending forever with Nintendo's all-star fighter Smash Bros Brawl, when there are plenty of Wii Mario and Zelda titles out there. It adds up to much anticipation for the next several months and it'll be well worth it.

Not since The Secret of World of Alex Mack ended have I watched Nickelodeon much. Now 13 years later there's reason again with the return of Saban's Power Rangers. What seemed impossible a year ago now has become reality. It's great to be back to old school PR with people and a network who actually care and it looks beautiful with HD cameras and higher budgeted sets. Although the episodes themselves won't always turn out that good with plots directly lifted from the Japanese series.

This year will also have a new music competition when the X-Factor starts in the fall and I look forward to Smallville's big ending and playing Super Mario Galaxy.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

S-10.13 "Beacon"

Another step in Clark becoming the future beacon of hope to the world.

This episode was very well done. Really enjoyed the plot with Alexander trying to kill Martha to get to Clark and the end of the VRA at last.

Awesome to have evil Lionel again. His interactions with everyone couldn't have been written better. Great references throughout.

Liked how future Clark was brought up and what'll lead to Clark eventually being his own disguise.

Shocked to see Luthor Mansion go. Nice touch with the silent exchange with Martha to rescue Lionel and Clark just throws him to the ground. XD

Sunday, February 6, 2011

S-10.12 "Collateral"

This episode was a good one to come back from break on.

Chloe's return and the virtual world were very cool. Loved seeing her with powers.

Liked how Clark had a difficult time trusting Chloe after she had been gone and Dinah had a hard time as well.

Thought it was funny how Courtney and the others just disappeared between eps. >_>

Now that Clark knows he can fly, it could feel like a long wait until he does for real (If we do have to wait for it in the last episode).

Nice appetizer and I can't wait for the main course -- Lionel, Lex clone and -- Martha!