Friday, March 26, 2010

MMPRv2 update

Now that we're 12 episodes into the reversioning, I'd have to say it hasn't been that bad lately. I come to realize that season 1 wasn't all that great to begin with.  

"TEAMWORK" and "BIG SISTERS" were especially bad as far as the episodes go and the 'new' stuff didn't help. On the other hand, "SWITCHING PLACES" and "FOUL PLAY IN THE SKY" were easily some of the best early eps they did. Mostly, I like the Ranger-centric bumpers and the gags they do with Bulk n' Skull. The word pop-ups make some scenes more fun, but it feels really unneeded during morphed footage. Re-showing the beginning of "DAY OF THE DUMPTER" again and again is cringe-worthy, although the last time they showed it ("I, EYE GUY") had a creative segway.