Saturday, May 30, 2009

RPM #12 "BLITZ": Back to Black

Usually eps like these are an excuse to burn through sentai battle footage. Instead, RPM just did all its own stuff. Not a bad episode at all -- just different than what we've had.

I had the sense this episode was re-cut after Eddie left, which explains more morphed fights than usual and Judd Lynn also being credited for EP. I expect eps like these anyway, so it wasn't a big deal (Clearly it's what "ROBOTPALOOZA" should've been).

Gotta say, I really liked the start of the episode, getting back to Dillon's haunting past with a dream. Nice use of sound effects and Kelson returning to PR to voice Sat-Bot. Although Dr. K is a bitch for trying to shut down Series Black twice, it was very interesting how Dillon over-rode it and a virus in him activated.

Will Dillon go totally evil and join Venjix' army? Will Dr. K ever find a cure? Can't wait to see how this develops...

Monday, May 18, 2009

RPM #11 "DOCTOR K": Smart Child Slavery

Wow, Dr. K's remark to Ziggy was c-c-cold, but now that we know the trauma she went through, I'm not surprised.

Liked that they brought up the issue how the Venjix hardware is getting stronger quick.

Nice foreshadowing to Gem and Gemma returning with Series Gold and Silver, while Dr. K is saddened having believed they died.

So Broodwing became a Government agent who's partially responsible for seeking and looking after smart children -- enslaved to work on computer programming. Makes sense to me. <_<

Another great callback, seeing K make the recording to the citizens to go to Corinth. Hopefully they'll fill more of the background soon of when Summer, Scott and Flynn were recruited and received their morphers.

Clever plan to bring the defunct bot to The Garage so they could get a mirror copy of the part needed for Zenith Megazord. These Megazord intros tied in with the episodes plot are exactly how it should be done. And with all the times the villains have been/will be in the Rangers base this year, I'm gonna be hoping it'll finally get destroyed in the finale (Judd Lynn did blow up the Power Chamber for good after all).

Loved the violin over the zord battle. Absolutely perfect how it went with K playing it. Nice piano music too. Interesting how she seems to use musical instruments to focus and find solutions to problems.

Yeah, zooming inside the helmets was cool at first, but got way overdone. I'd say Eddie got a little too happy using their own cockpits.

Overall, this was one of the most beautifully executed episode ever, especially the music and butterfly scene. RPM continues to squash the past couple years.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Smallville Season Finale "Doomsday": Going Dark

You know, I love the season re-caps they always do. I knew the episode itself would be about as fast paced.

Clark should have sent Bloomsday to the Phantom Zone, but Chloe staying alive has altered things and now Clark will die. Love this timeline stuff and how the Leigon has to get involved. Fun to imagine if Clark had sent the beast to the future.

Nice moment between the RBB and Lois. Didn't think they'd come back to it this year.

Clark got what he deserved for speaking for the group that Oliver was off the team, only to have Bart and Dinah stick with him. Wish we could've seen more of the JLs and an attempt to weak Doomsday with their powers.

Loved how Jimmy found out Clark's secret -- and Davis kills him! One of the biggest surprises all year. Never thought one of the deaths would be him. I like how they set up his little brother to be the actual comics Jimmy.

Damn, Lois is in the future? Hopefully they'll do something with this and she won't just come back.

Great to finally see Doomsday without clever shadowing. Yeah, I was expecting more mayhem and a longer fight.

Interesting ending between Clark and Chloe. I felt like this was the darkest he's ever been, like Kal-El took over or something. Very symbolic having him vanish. As this went on, I started to wonder what the cliffhanger would be...

Sure enough, the Orb starts going crazy. Tess hurries to the window and Zod appears! I was sorta expecting Davis would re-awaken as Zod. Guess we'll have to wait until the season premiere. Was hoping they'd do more with Tess as well, especially after the scene at the end of "Eternal."

All in all, this was a good year with some interesting changes. The addition of Tess made up for the departure of Lex and her progression of doing Lex's dirty work and ultimately turning a new leaf after his betrayal was well done. I'm glad she's not going anywhere. Oliver's slow turn to darkness and his issues with Clark was great too.

Can't wait to see what happens with the characters next season, especially Zod. We all know these things get wrapped up pretty quick (Lex-Zod, Bizarro), so it should be exciting if he is the big villain next year. Great way to keep Sam Witwer too. Looking forward to what the hecks going on with Kandor as well. And maybe they'll bring back Doomsday for sweeps.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

S-8.21 "Injustice": Search and Betrayl

You know what's really injustice? All this talk of Kandor when Laura Vandervoort's not returning anytime soon (AFAWK). >_>

Very sneaky having Eva impersonate Chloe. Going into the ep, I wondered why Chloe would be back suddenly.

I was really digging the all black going on.

Good focus on the Ollie/Tess relationship. Yes, Ollie has got to stop trying to kill people. Looks like it'll get addressed.

And yeah, the "Doomsday" trailer looks great. I wonder what the Lois/Tess catfight over the Orb is all about...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

RPM #10 "RANGER BLUE": Total Flynn and Pure Win

HOLY CRAP. Talk about pure win -- This episode was it.

Acknowledging the zords eyes, why they have to yell the morph call and even the explosions -- Absolutely brilliant. If RPM had roll calls, I wonder what Dr. K's response would've been for 'em... >_>

Flynn's backstory was nice and pretty straight forward. They way the zipped through him getting dismissed from various jobs was awesome.

About time the Generals got out and fought. Cute little run-through by Tenaya of the Rangers.

I liked when Scott and Summer morphed off-screen and we saw the suits disappear.

It was great how Flynn owned Dr. K. And a solo morph explosion that's actually part of the plot? Amazing.

Monday, May 4, 2009

S-8.20 "Beast": Impending Doom

Pretty good episode. Feel bad at the mess Chloe's gotten herself into when she really is trying to protect Clark.

I liked the continuing focus on the relationship between Clark and Ollie -- and how Clark had to save him.

Kinda surprised how Brainiac's crystal seemed to come outta nowhere. As others probably did, I felt like "wait, what?" when Clark mentioned it.

Now that the season is about to come to an end, I gotta say the supporting cast roulette has been pretty annoying this year, with the addition of Tess/Davis/Ollie. I wish Tess had been in more episodes and Lois had gotten more shoutouts like Ollie had (at least she had 2 or so). On another note, I'd say the Davis/Doomsday storyline has been paced very well.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

RPM #09 "RANGER YELLOW, Part 2": Wedding Woes

LOVED the guys fighting Grinders unmorphed while talking about the recent events and how it continued after they morphed. Perfect job fitting the ADR lines.

Nice wrap-up of Summer's backstory. Andrews dying right there on screen was quite a surprise. LOL at him on a block of legos. >_>

Was expecting Summer to actually have joined the medical team, but just deciding on-the-spot to save Scott was OK too. Great job intertwining a few clips from previous eps.

Don't really like 25 second zord battles, but it did make more time for other scenes, like the awesome fight in the Garage amidst the wedding stuff. I'd hate to say it, but it sorta reminded me of "THREE'S A CROWD" (the episode with Wedding Dress Org). <_< It's a nice change having an episode with less morphed stuff for once.

I'd put Part 2 a bit lower than Part 1 overall, mostly for being sick of Summer's parents attitude when the episode began and Chaz' royalty -- I wasn't feeling.