Monday, October 25, 2010

S-10.05 "Isis"

Didn't really care for the Lois possessed filler much, but everything else was awesome.

Great to see Clark, Ollie and Tess working together and Tess getting to officially head Watchtower for now.

The continuation with Clois from "Homecoming," capped off at the end was very nice.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Smallville #200 "Homecoming"

I'm reckoning this was a great homecoming for the series.

Great to see Marsters again, in what I'd guess was his last appearance.

Liked how Clark looked at the nametags laid out, which setup the Lana clip. Revisiting The Torch with the high school kids and flashback was nice too. Gosh, it was funny how young everyone was (including Lois after watching "Reckoning" again).

Brainiac showing Clark what actually happened right before Johnathan died and revisiting the funeral were well done.

Black K was a mistake? Loved it.

Future Clark was awesome. Loved how straight he was and knowing Past Clark would be there to lend a needed hand.

Also liked how Clark got very cautious about Future Lois knowing his secret and was relieved realizing she was protecting it. Looking forward to when she tells him in the present.

So much for Chloe "faking her death"... >_>

Great speech by Oliver and Clark witnessing it. Only on Smallville do you get the big interview at the top of the show and the superhero talking about superheros can glance at one without anyone thinking anything of it. <_<

Why'd the reunion have to abruptly end? A slow fade-out of Clark/Lois would've been better.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

S-10.03 "Supergirl"

This episode was really not all that super.

Thought Lois would be away for another episode or 2. Yeah, it was more centered around her than Kara. Would've been nice to have more focus on Kara, while Lois is still in Egypt -- But I guess they wanted to wrap this up quickly before the 200th.

Liked how Darkseid possessed Godfrey 3 weeks prior and how they extended the shot from the end of "Lazarus."

Kara quickly stopping the billboard was kinda cheap. I was hoping for another shot of her flying, like when she last left Smallville.

The whole bondage thing was kinda creepy (especially with someone who's not really human). Nice touch with calling it Club Desaad. I always like when Lois goes undercover.

Lois not saying "Supergirl" was worse than Jimmy's "Super....guy." >_>

Oliver deciding he had to reveal himself was nicely done.

Kara's staying on Earth? Alright, but she has to come back or they better come up with a damn good excuse.

Still a pretty good episode and great to see Laura again, despite the somewhat misleading title.