Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Wild For... Wild Force!" Revisited

During PR's off-season I was revisiting Wild Force -- looking back 5 years later. The days of playing back the most recent season during the winter are LONG over and as the years go by it's fun to look back on the older stuff.

Over the years the thing I hear most about is how awful the acting was. Yeah, Ricardo was no TV actor, Alyssa was a little too cheerful... Danny, Princess Shayla... eh. I've never really let the acting bother me much though and everything else Wild Force had going pretty much made up for it. It was close to the sentai but not a totally straight rip like the latter part of Time Force.

One thing I realize much more now is how BEAUTIFUL Wild Force was in terms of directing (Gotta hand it to Koichi and Taro for that). "THE MASTER'S LAST STAND" is still one of the most unique eps the Production team did and easily the best time I had (since revisiting Lightspeed in 2005) watching an episode I hadn't seen in a couple years. I always enjoyed the villain dynamics the show used to have (especially towards the end) and Jindrax/Toxica were fun to watch progress.

As we all know, Wild Force was a huge end of an era. It was a great 10th anniversary for the show and a nice final hurrah for MMPR Productions.

**All-new episode commentary begins soon!**