Wednesday, March 19, 2014

PRSM #04-#05: Wild Access and Blitzing New Powers

More beautiful shots on the SkyShip. The team just looks so much better without Troy. Awesome hearing James Gaylyn return as the monster. It made sense the Rangers would favor the Wild Force suits, and Red Lion would shove off imposters of his friends. I just wish they had put in enough care to not have the random TurboPink appear after a team that didn't even have a Pink Ranger. Plus the change in pronouncing "Animaria" was weird but then we all know no ones really bothering to watch the old episodes anyway.

This was also one of the most decent earning of a zord we'll have and felt like more of a real tribute than future episode probably will. The Rangers using Wild Force fit well and helped make for a solid 4/5.

"SAMURAI SURPRISE" was just full of surprises. The use of YellowMask and PinkFlash didn't totally ruin the episode for me as it did for others - I was just in disbelief when Gia's part of the fight started and at first I heard "Legendary Blip" which I thought was a cheap way to cover YellowMask. I had more of a problem with the amount of Megaforce/SMM switching in this and morph sequence padding. I don't mind when they get powered-down to Megaforce (since SMM is supposed to be over the suits anyway), but morphing from civilian to Megaforce to begin with is just too much.

Was a staff notice put out not to give any "names" to anything not seen in PR? Otherwise, come on, Jason Smith. I did like Troy saying "It's Morphin' Time" over DaiRed. And the rest of the episode pretty good. I loved Vekar's introduction and the Rangers being cocky about it for the little whiner he is. It was rough seeing the first use of Mighty Morphin be this, but we all know Saban doesn't care when it's sentai footage. Mentor was a surprise (Great scene in the beginning) and I liked the scenes with him and Jayden - Just wish the girls could've met him. The end with the Rangers in the cockpit was one of the better uses of morphed footage. Plus I liked the in-fight roll call get used.

Even with the can of worms this opened, having cameos to help unofficially tribute Samurai (though not as much as Wild Force) helped keep it at a 4/5.