Monday, September 28, 2009

Smallville Season Premiere "Savior"

As usual, this show is the Savior of my TV viewing.

That has to be the best opening they've ever done. Nice to see the new clips added and more wiggle room with one less person.

Awesome seeing Clark underway with Jor-El's training and questioning his lack of ability to fly.

Liked the mention of Kara and Tess pointing out that Zod isn't the voice that spoke to her. Also liked Chloe's attempt to try to get Clark to use the ring to prevent Jimmy's death.

If Clark was really giving up his humanity, he should've ended his ties with the farm. And sweet fight with Alia.

It's gonna be another great year. ^_^

Saturday, September 26, 2009

RPM #24 "ANCIENT HISTORY": Day of the Dino

I felt like this episode should've been done sooner, but better late than never. Nice Truman/K focus about moving on from the past for a brighter future.

Why'd Venjix not send Tenaya 7 to the rundown Alphabet Soup sooner? I liked the plot and how snooping around the old storage awakened the DinoTrain. I thought it was funny that of all the props to use as old Ranger tech, they had an Overdrive helmet.

Pretty funny with the holograms.

The sudden Megazord practice felt out of place. To me, it's reasonable enough Ziggy thought they should train, figuring Drill-Bot would go large soon anyway. Though it would've flowed better if Drill-Bot had actually run away or something. Also, wouldn't have thought Corinth has a train system.

After a pretty average ep in "THE DOME DOLLS" and sorta weird clip show mash-up, RPM bounced right back to a 4/5.