Saturday, December 26, 2009

RPM #29 "IF VENJIX WON" Password Panic | #30 "END GAME": Countdown to Destruction

I really hoped this would turn out better, after ideas for what would happen started going around months ago. I didn't really like how K's video would come on when incorrect passwords were typed in and the Rangers' guesses were lame. Although I gotta say nice work with showing mostly relevant clips and brief run-downs of each Ranger.

I kept holding on for something throughout the ep, but whatever reference to past PR we were supposed to get, didn't even happen.

The other part of this with the Ziggy/K focus was cute. I liked how the password turned out to be Ziggy. ^_^

Liked Gem and Gemma's idea of how to find the location of Venjix Palace.

Nice to have a little Ziggy/Dillon bonding again.

Although Venjix giving Kilobyte the shaft feels kinda sudden, I like how he activated Hicks -- and in turn spoiling the master plan a little early and pissing Venjix off.

And damn, Vasquez too (... and a bunch others in the army)! Wasn't expecting that. Loved Truman's reaction to her.

Started out kinda slow but ended with a great prelude to the finale. Kinda reminded me of "RESURRECTION" and this time, I'm hoping for something along the lines of "COUNTDOWN TO DESTRUCTION"/"JOURNEY'S END." Bring it, Chip.