Sunday, November 22, 2009

S-9.09 "Pandora"

Wonderful episode. Seeing the various Luthorcorp tech get used again took me back to the days of the Luthors.

Great job showing just what happened to Lois, tying in when she first put the ring on to when she returned with Alia.

It's interesting to think about this timeline in which Lois was gone and Clark had much more training with Jor-El (without the distraction of Lois being around). I have to wonder just how much of the events that happened and will be coming up (Wonder Twins, Zatanna, JSA, etc) would've occurred.

Can't wait to see how everyone tries to prevent their doom and Zod's ultimate plan.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dragon Knight update

Despite the big slump and very slow pacing its gone through, I've stuck with the show and have to say "XAVIAX'S WRATH" has been my favorite all season. Didn't think they'd actually vent Kit. I always thought, if anything, I'd be Len and Kit would be alone (albeit for a short time). I love the discussion of what might happen coming up with Eubulon (the Advent Master) and Adam hopefully showing up.

Loved how Xaviax stood there after Wrath disappeared and gave one of his best lines ever. Possessing Vic/Wrath was really fun to watch. Still wish we could have an "IF XAVIAX WON" episode.

The big grieving scene was nicely done, especially with the lack of flashbacks and being silent.

I really hope Ninja Maya isn't a dream of hers.

And I've enjoyed the 'No Men' plot for the most part. The fight with the 3 agents in the white room was pretty lame, though.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

S-9.07 "Kandor"

Loved this episode. Great flashbacks all around.

Great use of powers by Clark. Unearthing the S shield in the desert was pretty cool.

Ollie as Clark's sidekick this time was a nice change.

Well done with the Davis/Doomsday tie-ins.

Was sorta expecting a little more from Tess when she met Jor-El, like a mention of Lex and how she basically inherited his obsession.

Tess finally getting what she wanted from Clark was awesome. Liked that he just went ahead and super-sped in front of her, without thinking about it.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

S-9.06 "Crossfire"

It was like the plots in this ep were caught in a Crossfire.

I could've easily give this an average, based on how the Ollie/Mia storyline started out, but love the Lois/Clark stuff as always, making the ep turn out pretty good. The return of Zod/Tess interaction was done well also. Pretty cool introduction to the future solar towers and Zod as a new company head.

More time spent with Ollie watching Mia before approaching her would've been nice. Sorta surprised she was back on the street at the end. Liked Ollie's "Why dontcha take it easy there, Speedy..."

Clark stopping the bullets and saving Ollie and Lois was awesome.

It was great to see the entire cast in this, now that Lois is in more eps and they have one less actor. Between all the stuff happening, the episode flowed pretty well.