Sunday, August 24, 2008

"ONE LAST SECOND CHANCE" (PR-1625): Action, Satisfaction

Concluding the best three-part story arc since the Kalish era began, this episode just nudged two eps ago to be the best of the season.

Liked how RJ modified the claw cannon to use the Masters spirits. Nice focus between him and Finn.

Flit saving the day again was cool, even if it was pretty cheap to have Unihorn throw the crystal eye into the ocean.

I thought it was funny how easily RJ and Finn found the room and rescued the Masters, when you've got a whole mess of villains around -- but only Rinshi actually seem to be guarding the pathway. >_> And RJ vs Jarrod (That's who he was this week) was great, but why'd they have to hold on him so long while the room was falling apart?

Woohoo, the complete 8 Ranger roll call! Loved the fight and how the Spirit Rangers finished off Unihorn. The rockin' BG music added a nice touch.

I couldn't be happier this was our teamup, instead of seeing those Overdrive guys. <_< Well done, Jungle Fury -- and a great way to end the continuous run of new episodes.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"BLUE RANGER, TWIN DANGER" (PR-1624): Brotherly Love

Good seamless continuation, taking a bit of s step down, but still not bad at all.

I like how the Masters control their Ranger spirits. When they were taken away to "recharge" I didn't think they'd fight again this episode, so I was somewhat surprised they were suddenly back. Pretty decent fight scenes, although they really overdid the motion-stop.

Yep, it's pretty obvious Scorch will turn on Dai Shi/Jarrod soon...

The B-plot with Theo's brother was alright and Dynamir with his power to trap our heros was pretty cool. Funny how he confused Luen for Theo.

How'd Casey and Lily form Jungle Master Megazord without Theo? A little explanation would've been nice. Cool seeing Theo and RJ teaming up in Wolf Pride.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

"FEAR AND THE PHANTOMS" (PR-1623): Dai Shi's 'Dark Wish'

Now this is what I had been waiting for all year.

Nice debut for the Phantom Beasts and 8 warriors. Introing a bunch of villains at once is always interesting. "That one sounds familiar." "Who was that?" "I dunno about THAT name." Liked how they turned on Jellica and quickly killed her.

Great focus on Lily, unmorphed and morphed. The dancing was vintage MMPR, although I didn't care for the actress much. What's Antonia Preeble doing these days? >_>

So the Rangers have been paying regular visits to their Masters? Would feel a little less outta left field if we had actually seen this on-screen more. Nonetheless, nice to see the Masters again and their kidnapping was pretty good.

Master Phant especially looked like he was in pain when they were getting infused with the Rin Sin power. Liked the desperate plea from Swoop to get Jarrod to resist Dai Shi's influence. Our heros regroup and... POOF! Spirit Rangers! Yeah, Elephant Ranger is pretty much perfect, while Shark and Bat look more funny with the large helmets.

Just where is The Temple of Dai Shi?

5/5. Best damn episode of PR (non-teamup anyway) since "ONE GETS AWAY."

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"ARISE THE CRYSTAL EYES" (PR-1622): Casey and Cop-Out

As much of a Jungle Fury supporter I've been, this show isn't suckering me. I was happy about this ep at first and was surprised by Grizzaka getting killed off before Jellica. Then I realized what happened and how it could've been better...

Nice little briefing about the Beast War by RJ. At least they bothered to show Fran, but give the poor girl a line or two! And scenes like this only get my hopes up more for future eps... >_>

Casey should've been morphed when he went to see Dr. Jennings, easily gotten the crystal eyes and then ambushed by Rinshi and Camille (Just as well, would've been funny if they had randomly met up). And since they had absolutely no time, Camille happens to see a pic of Dr. Jennings while doing the crossword. The Ranger Productions staff member who wrote this couldn't even bother to give Casey a last name?!

Casey didn't know the Booster/Rhino Morpher combo would work and just did it? -_- Why couldn't, I dunno, RJ have suggested it or something? Boy, it's getting more and more difficult watching this and trying to imagine what Jan is saying. Won't have that problem anymore after a couple weeks of reruns and I finally get ahead.

Best part of the episode was definitely the end. LOVED the zord battle. Flit's afraid of powered up Dai Shi, eh? And with Grizzaka's big, tough, all-talk attitude, it made his defeat that much sweeter.

3/5, for something that potentially could've been great, instead gets one of the biggest time-saving cop-outs.