Sunday, April 25, 2010

S-9.18 "Upgrade" and 9.19 "Charade"

Have to say I enjoyed John's attitude Upgrade.

I thought this episode moved things along nicely. Liked the focus between John & Lois and Clark & Zod teaming up. Loved the part in the FoS.

Props for returning to Seattle.

All the focus on the whole Charade of Clark's was a great surprise.

Loved how the relationship lines really blurred together. Lois realizing she can't know the Blur's identity speaking to Clark that he can't reveal who he is was well done. Had no clue they'd go so far as so have them touch hands. Yeah, it's possible she could realize deep down that it's Clark.

Will Zod try to pose as the Blur again? A quick scene like that would be nice.

Clark jumping through the glass and overlapping the image was another one of the most beautiful scenes the show has done. Checkmate Attic = Instant Win

My guess is that the Red Queen is Martha (in which case that was clearly a stand-in) or might be someone new. I can't see it being Chloe.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

S-9.17 "Checkmate"

Going back to season 8, this episode checkmated about the past 19 episodes.

Awesome opening scene. Sorta got a Disney PR vibe with how slow some shots were. Usually when there are fewer I wouldn't give it much thought.

Still trying to grasp the fact Tess has a hidden jump tube. >_>

Beautiful rescue scene. For something fairly simple, it worked wonders.

I have to admit, I about jumped outta my chair in excitement when it was revealed John had impersonated Waller. It was the icing on an already very sweet cake.

Ugh... Where's Mia? I generally like just about everything, but not this Chloliver thing. o_O

And yeah, it's great how Clark has no problem threatening Tess on the edge of buildings and she's genuinely scared he'd kill her.

Wait, another player? Red Queen? (long pause) Martha? OMG!

Just like last year at this time, Smallville delivered again. The focus on Checkmate and getting to see John in action with his powers easily made for some of the best scenes since the Davis/Lex flashbacks and pilot re-creation.