Monday, June 23, 2008

"FRIENDS DON'T FADE AWAY" (PR-1616): Monkey Business

Despite the usually weird/confusing scenes with Dai Shi/Jarrod and the Overloads, I did like the feuding with Grizzaka. The shot of the RinJuDen from Geki (that has no chair or carpet) felt out of place. -_-

Oh look, RJ has a small box in the closet with something glowy inside. I wonder what it could be... >_>

Poor RJ, thinking he was the one causing havoc with the sharp claws.

Kinda wish the morpher had been mentioned/hinted before this episode.

All around great focus on RJ and Fran as well, which was a bit of a surprise. Although it's kinda sad she considers RJ and the Rangers her family.

I dig RJ's fighting style and the weapons built into the suit/morpher. LASOR KNEES FTW. And nice to see the episode that this behind-the-scenes footage came from:

Funny scene at the end with the dog Nikki and the "No shirt, no shoes, no service" bit prior.

4/5. Felt like a "6th Ranger" intro ep even though it really wasn't. Ranking intro eps since SPD, I'd put this second to "SHADOW, II" with "MAN OF MERCURY, II" below it and "LONG AGO" fourth.

Now that we're halfway through the season and underway in "scab" episodes, I thought I'd go a bit further. One thing I was hoping for, that ended up not working out too well, is staying ahead in GekiRanger, so I can see what happens there first. But with all the multi-part arcs, I'll have to wait for Jetix's obligatory block of Aug-Sept reruns to get ahead.

Seeing PR's adaptations first does take some fun out of watching the original, but I'm still enjoying Geki pretty well. I've enjoyed the Masters the most and the introduction to Kageki (I'm up to episode 21). While Jan can be pretty over-the-top, I'm used to that sorta thing in sentai and at times it can be funny. And it's obvious Jungle Fury is trying to do for Dai Shi what Geki did for Rio, but since they can't do the whole deep hatred/despair thing, they DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY'RE DOING. >_<

As we go further into the season, I'm most looking forward to the Phantom Beast arc that'll feature the Bat, Shark and Elephant Rangers, as well as how they'll handle the Geki animal suits (most likely to be in the finale and a flashback). Hopefully the intro of Dominic/Rhino Ranger won't be TOO bad, but after RJ's Ranger debut it more that likely won't compare.

Monday, June 16, 2008

"BAD TO THE BONE" (PR-1615): Yellow Rebel

Classic Kalish footage burning episode. Two Geki Rinrinshi battles? Check. Roll calls? Check. "Ranger Up" and a crazy leap off a flying motorcyle? Check Check. The other stuff going on -- Lily in leather and werewolf RJ running around helped make the episode be pretty tolerable, I think.

Would've been nice to have continued with the Rangers, RJ and Fran in the loft. The gap between that and everyone going about their business in JKP later felt odd. I'm glad they didn't do much with the fact Fran could blackmail our heros now and I like how she's getting assertive with them.

A pig monster? Who was he -- Pudgy Pig's brother? O_o And prank calling? That's a new one. Cute delivery vehicle.

Lily playing the bad girl worked pretty well. I liked how the last quill stuck in her caused it.

Interesting verification that Jarrod is "human Dai Shi" and is therefor responsible about what happened in the "beast war" and why Grizzaka is apparently not happy to be revived. And Grizzaka hates humans. Oooh, this should be good.

4/5. Looking forward to RJ the Ranger and just where the wolf morpher is coming from...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"GHOST OF A CHANCE, I and II" (PR-1613-1614): Facing Fears

This two-parter was great for half then pretty much sunk.

After watching "ONE MASTER TOO MANY" again, I was teetering on giving it a 5, but now I'll finally do it with the first part here. Yeah, overconfidence can be annoying (especially from Superboy Blue), but I'm not at all surprised the Rangers got that way. I liked how the used all 3 weapons and zords because, heck, THEY CAN. Mog never had a chance.

Nice to see Dai Shi/Jarrod wanna get out there and kick some ass. I really felt the "OH SHIT" factor. Pretty sweet battle between him and RJ. Poor Camille just disappeared briefly. >_> Bonus points owning the bike. I liked how the non-speaking temple guards were used too.

Nice to see Master Mao and the forbidden room again. Great to see Michelle Langstone back on the show too.

And then, there was Part II...

Instead of any sort of training with Rilla, Guin and Lope our heros have to....face their fears. Lily's was pretty decent, Theo's was lame and Casey's fear of something in the closet was clearly just the writers catering to the young kids, who may believe something is in their closet. -_- Meh. This could've been done a lot better.

How could the spirit Masters not know anything about Dai Shi escaping or anything? Geez.

Finally, Fran finds out. I liked how she went up to the loft to turn off the TV and saw the Rangers and the action on the screens, since they probably never would've told her otherwise.

The laser-jets just look....weird. It was obvious they milked them to death. The Geki footage certainly looked better. SWAT and Legend Modes had better intro episodes than this. :\

Loved Fran's line at the end: "Hello Rangers. Power....Rangers..." The Rangers and RJs reactions were great.

Based on this season individually, Part I was awesome -- everything I'd expect. Part II gets a 3, for not being TOO bad, but enough that could've been done differently. And RJ was great as always in both parts. Totally the best written character with the best lines. :D