Sunday, August 16, 2015

Taylor's World

When "Love Story" was released back in '08 I never would've imagined I'd be going to a Taylor Swift show someday. "Eh, she's a country singer." But oh how things would change over the years, eventually progressing into my favorite songs of 2015 being "Blank Space" and "Style."

It's Taylor's world and its been that way for awhile - pretty much every time the AMAs, VMAs or whatever is on and sure enough she wins multiple times, plus her power over major corporations like Apple Music. Despite all this, it took some time to decide to see the 1989 tour since I really wasn't  on the Taylor bandwagon until the 1989 CD singles started to roll out last year with "Shake It Off."

I hadn't even been to Centurylink Field before and ended up basically doing a lap around inside the entire stadium. While it was nice to check out the place I quickly realized going the opposite direction to begin with probably would've gotten me to the area my seat was a lot sooner. Vance Joy was one of the opening acts and I still managed to get food and sit down about two songs before the popular "Riptide" came on.

After a break, Taylor made her debut on stage with "Welcome to New York" and it wasn't long before "Blank Space" came up, which was one of the big highlights of the night for me, and really, most of the reason I decided to go. As expected I didn't know half the songs as the night went on but seeing the current stuff and a few fun throwsbacks like "I Knew You Were Trouble" made it all well worth it, before the night ended with "Shake It Off." In between songs there were videos with celebs talking about Taylor and she did a lot of inspirational speeches that you'd expect of her, as well as the crazy performance of "Style" when Ciara came out followed by Russell Wilson.

Going to the show definitely left me with a sense of completeness as I go on living in Taylor's world, a place I'm happy to be part of. Also check out my pics!