Monday, August 18, 2014

Countdown to a Morphinominal Morphicon

As the countdown to Power Morphicon 4 winds down this has been a very enjoyable couple of months with guest updates almost every Monday (a system I hope continues in 2016), in addition to the pretty big news like details on next season, and the 2016 movie - making this a pretty awesome time to be a Ranger fan. The last convention was huge and this will for sure be even bigger, with 120+ guests, a bigger space and apparently three panel rooms going. Do I get autographs? Go to panels? Studying the schedule (once it's finally online) will make a difference more than ever, plus figuring out who I must see and who I've met before (and would like to again). Carrying an old zip up leather holder I've never used should make autographs transportation easy, which always gets difficult amongst the chaos running around.

Times have changed in two years and there aren't as many from the chat room going this time. Tyler (BatZilla98) and I will be doing a lot more with Ranger Bar for the first time, with After Hours events pretty much set, and plans for the video room and fanfilm contest. Having press passes should also be a lot a fun and result in lots of great photos. But first the road to get there begins Tuesday afternoon when the drive down from Seattle gets underway.