Sunday, May 26, 2013

Super Mega Trainwreck and Cameo Surprises

I had high hopes for next year using Gokaiger footage to pay tribute to PR's 20th but that all went downhill with how things have gone. It's quite mind-boggling how poorly the whole invited/uninvited and "budget restrictions" thing has gone when they had so much time to prepare, and were talking to former cast at PMC. Among the names that were rumored then, only JDF is back at this point.

Among the others coming back, I'm glad to see Melody Perkins will be part of it (I'm guessing they'll make her LG Pink) and Danny Slavin is a surprise. Also PJL alongside Selwyn Ward as Space Rangers is pretty sweet. Though I would've guessed Selwyn as Turbo Red, it makes sense that they represent In Space, especially if CKL doesn't return and it doesn't leave Patty as the only one. Turbo and possibly Zeo probably won't have anyone, though Roger Velasco may be there and we could be in for another surprise. It seems they're trying to have a mix of colors among the cameos (in addition to the 4+ Reds) which I like.

Even if we may not see JDF and most of these guys until a huge war in the final episode, I look forward to cast being in-suit, with Tommy leading the charge. Hopefully not just Jason Smith will get screentime in other episodes. The cast on-set does have me excited again, but knowing that some Samurai writers returned is a bit worrisome. Plus the lack of confirmation from just anyone from the Disney Era could mean the season-specific zords may be given to the Megaforce team in a matter close to the mechazords.

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