Sunday, November 23, 2008

S-8.09 "Abyss" and 8.10 "Bride"

The abyss that was Chloe's mind made for the best episode all year, trumping even "Bloodline."

Wow, I love how they did Brainiac erasing Chloe's memories. Awesome seeing old clips and the "Dark Thursday" re-creation.

Holy crap! I almost thought this would be another surprise last second transformation of Brainiac into Marsters.

This felt like it could've been the last ep until January, so I'm even more psyched for "Bride."

And speaking of which...

I thought watching the video camera was a decent way to start the episode.

Felt like Lois was in her campaign manager days.

Yeah, the random lackey of Oliver's was lame. Did they seriously have no time to come up with anything better after Victor was removed?

And of course Doomsday was awesome. Interesting that Brainiac must've commanded him to take Chloe to the Fortress so he could reinfect her.

Wow, I never would've imagined they'd show Lex on-screen, at least not this soon. I have to say I wasn't blown away by it though... It kinda felt like the episode was building up to it, with the sudden reveal from Oliver he's alive and then thinking he had got him when it was a dummy. Hopefully this means they've worked out a deal for Rosenbaum to return at the end of the season.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

S-8.08 "Bloodline": Farewell Kara, Hello Destroyer

Very good episode.

Yeah, Clark could've done a better job of lying to Lois in the Phantom Zone. Nice touch with the sea of blood.

I liked that Kara wasn't held captive this entire time and could've left, but didn't after all the zoners had escaped last time.

Yay, the GA is back. I was kinda surprised Tess didn't recognize him. >_> Would be nice if they gave him a new apartment set one of these days...

Erica was awesome, as always. Best acting from her since... "Exposed." <_<

Wow... The reveal of Davis being the son of Zod and Faora was a heck of a curveball.

And Brainiac's power over Chloe continues to increase. Although Marsters doesn't have to return just because Brainiac does, to see him again on the show for a final battle with Clark would just be the icing on this season.

Nice send-off for Kara, leaving the possibility she could return, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"TO EARN YOUR STRIPES" (PR-1630): Dai Shi vs Jarrod

This episode is a fine example of what I've loved about this season: The Rangers felt like a B-plot to the villains.

Nice to see Pai Zhua again. Pretty good martial arts fight for a Disney season.

Casey has to go and spoil the episode. -_- I don't like the bikelizer to begin with, but the way he just left it was even worse. Only time this year I would've preferred a longer sequence.

Although I wish Jarrod's struggle with Dai Shi had been touched on a bit sooner, I enjoyed how it was done here. The mirror scene was pretty cool. Jarrod never meant to hurt anyone? Yeah, right. I'd look at it as either the writers trying to make him look like a good guy now, or he was just lying to Dai Shi. And nice work making sure to remove the voice alteration.

Well, that was a quick way to finish off the Phantom Beast Warriors. I wasn't real surprised they had to skip over giving an episode to a Beast and that it was Osiris. If it was a matter of picking a Geki battle to use, fat chance they were gonna touch episode 44.

4/5, just barely 5, but gotta take off points because (at least as of this episode), Casey has learned NOTHING.

**Check back later when I'll be doing something different for the final 2 episodes.**

Monday, November 3, 2008

S-8.06 "Prey" and 8.07 "Identity"

The detective-style mystery about who killed the Prey made it a pretty good ep.

Nice to see Clark be more pro-active and using powers not seen in years.

It's kind of a nice change that more women seem to be working for Luthorcorp with Tess in charge.


Clark should really keep working on crafting his hero identity.

Anyone else feel like they're using the special effects more often these days?

Clark seemed a bit careless just breezing into Chloe and Jimmy's. Good thing Lois was in the next room. >_> It's cute he was jealous of her going out with someone else, but hesitating so long to zip her up was a bit childish. And everyone always oogles over Chloevage, but how come no one mentions Lois cleavage?!

Funny how it just came to Jimmy looking at the Kent family pic.

To recap: Lois fortune has told her before she'd fall for a guy who flies a lot and wears tights. Clark wouldn't wear a cape in this lifetime and Metropolis new hero is "Faster than a Speeding Bullet." Good times.

Nice to see Ollie wanna get back to the hero thing. Yeah, I knew when we saw him in the plane it was death for his old pad.

You know, I love the term "Brianiac ability." As each episode goes by, I feel like we're that much closer to James Marsters return.

A pretty good episode overall.