Saturday, September 24, 2011

Goodbye summer, hello fall TV

Getting out in the sun was fun while it lasted and was a nice break, while there were plenty of reasons to stay inside. ABC Family can always be counted on for that, airing new episodes of its shows in winter and summer (and Pretty Little Liars has really turned into can't-miss-TV).

Without my regular programs on, I'll usually watch some DVDs and find things long put off - in this case, I caught up on season 1 of The Vampire Diaries, revisited Dollhouse season 2 and looked back on season 2 of Survivor from 10 years ago. There's usually some special events going on as well, such as VH1's 13 hour MTV 30 marathon at the end of July. This summer also brought the awesome new Thundercats series and The Voice wrapped its trial run - set to return next year to compete directly with Idol.

Without a convention or anything really going on it was kinda nice to find time for other things too, especially a lot of time for Super Mario Galaxy and beginning some major revisions on my websites (starting with Emma Lahana). Next summer will be an interesting one with the Olympic Games and the 3rd Power Morphicon in August, keeping me tied up on the Power Ranger fan message boards.

Meantime, now that fall is here, it's back to my old favorites and some potential new ones. Mostly I'm looking forward to how The X-Factor goes (which so far has sorta been Got Talent meets Idol), Beavis & Butthead returning in October, The Simpsons celebrating 500 episodes in February, plus more Thundercats when new episodes return. And with Smallville over, I'll finally start from the beginning.