Monday, May 26, 2008

Smallville Season Finale "Arctic": Lex's Last Stand

This was a classic case of me getting my hopes up a little much. It was a good season finale, but the lack of sheer doom seen in the past and Lex in the Fortress only being a few minutes long (SMASH! And there goes the Fortress!), kinda left me wanting more. I remember reading John Schneider and John Glover were going to appear again, so I was kinda letdown that never happened.

Laura played evil Kara nicely. Just when did Brainiac take her form? Clark assumed she never made it back from Krypton, but I'm thinking a confrontation happened after she got the headache and fell to the floor. Otherwise, why would Brainiac need to pretend to be her at night when Clark wasn't around (if she had in fact never returned)? I just knew Brainiac would do something nasty. Either it'll take Clark all of next season to get her out, or she'll finally get out on her own (with or without someone else) in time for the last episode. Miss you, Kara. :(

I really liked Brainiac's "What the hell are you?" to Chloe. A little confusing what happened to him. Was he just weakened? Hopefully it's not the end...

Lana's dumping-via-DVD was weak, but when you consider the pain she went through during the coma, I'll let it slide. Good riddance -- until she returns for a guest appearance anyway.

Geez, even if I hadn't known Chloe would be arrested, you could practically hear the guards approaching the place. >_>

Damn, we got jipped on Lex outside the Fortress from the promo. >_< Very nice final scene. Michael played it well... I just wish (as I'm sure everyone else does) that it would've been a little longer. I liked how he really thought he was helping to save humanity and despite becoming more and more darker, kept his cool and told Clark he loved him like a brother. I would've expected more dramatic rage, but perhaps he was so relieved to know the truth that the one final outburst was enough. Calling Clark by his Kryptonian name was just the icing on the cake and made up for the fact he didn't say Krypton, despite hearing the latter on-screen. I really hope they don't pull a "3 months later" thing.

It'll be interesting next season with the intros of Doomsday and Tess, Lex missing and probably more time for Jimmy and Lois. Will Erica finally be in a full season? I expect more and more Clois moments like the one we had here.

Friday, May 23, 2008

"ONE MASTER TOO MANY" (PR-1612): Shark and Wolf

Another good Master/zord intro episode. Good father/son focus between RJ and Master Finn. Great action sequences with Master Finn and the shark sabers too.

Isn't Jellica training Jarrod and Camille getting jealous just being overly redundant now? How long is this gonna go on??

Casey sure got the real sabers quickly when he morphed, after he had just been training and told he would get them when we had mastered it.

Nice character development with RJ as well and to see the wolf spirit.

Once again, a 4. These episodes just need that extra oompfh for me to give a 5.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

"PUSHED TO THE EDGE" (PR-1611): Conflicted Camille

You know what I love about this season? Actual villain focus. If you can't figure out how to write the Rangers, write the evil guys! This is what I used to enjoy about the old days so much, except there'd me more eps to work with obviously.

Lily can defeat Carden -- who didn't even have to return -- by herself (with a seldom used GekiYellow attack no less) and Casey again uses the bike on Rinshi. Oh boy. -_-

I liked how Camille, feeling down after being told how useless she was for the zillionth time, morphed into a normal blond and tried to lay low in JKP. Would've liked to see her keep up the disguise longer.

Camille said Jarrod? Oops. And she said she had no good in her, but couldn't kill Lily and helped Casey and Theo... >_>

Jellica was a pretty interesting villain right from the start. Good intro. Carnisoar was sure quick to quit the training after she took over.

Wow, the last scene was straight outta MMPR.


Smallville 7.19 "Quest": Clock and Clues

When Tess takes over Luthor mansion next season, I hope she'll have much better security than Lex. -_-

Good to see Clark finally want to resolve the mess by telling Lex who he is. Nice moment before he finds out for himself.

I liked how Edward Teague left hints for Clark to get him to come to the church. Interesting reasoning he had about wanting to destroy him. I was surprised they let Teague live.

Bah, Chloe practically came outta nowhere to save Clark. Oh how I wish Oliver would make one more appearance every time they mention him.

Lex's "quest" to put the clues together, ending with the sphere pointing to the Fortress of Solitude, was very nicely done. Pretty nifty how the castle/Luthor mansion tied into it. I liked how the cryptograph Lex had fit inside the grandfather clock too, done as a side project by Virgil Swann.

I was a little disappointed Kara was nowhere to be seen, otherwise it turned out to be a good episode for the second-to-last. It's always hard to believe when we reach this time in the season, but especially when you realize it's episode 19.

Looks like we'll be in for hopefully a great Kara vs Clark fight. Since Brainiac now has control over her it seems, I hope he's back next season.

I won't be surprised if Lex does end up in the Phantom Zone and do wonder if Jor-El will have any hand in his fate (not to mention what he will and won't remember when he returns).

Monday, May 5, 2008

"BLIND LEADING THE BLIND" (PR-1610): Batman and Theo

With Theo trying to be Superboy again, I wondered how this would turn out. Aside from his absolutely unneeded cocky "I-can-do-everything" attitude, it turned out to be a pretty fun episode.

The fight sequences were pretty cool. I enjoyed Carden and Bai Lai double team on the Rangers.

Master Swoop was awesome. The training was very nicely done. Nice job trying to make the same old forest look different too.

Flit appeared, but didn't comment on the Bat Powered Megazord? It's like the writers knew we'd find him annoying, so they went ahead and phased him out!

Always love a zord battle that takes to the sky.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Smallville #150 "Apocalypse": Not in Kansas anymore

Well, that was an interesting "It's a Wonderful Life" style episode.

Nice AU story for Lana and Lois as the ace reporter she eventually becomes. It was different to see Chloe with someone of say a little more higher quality than like Jimmy.

And damn, it was different to see Brainiac win and Clark bite the bullet (literally).

Brainiac had some great lines too. Loved the look on his face when Kara defeated him like he was saying, "YOU CANNOT KILL ME!" James is so awesome. ^_^

And on that, I couldn't help but cringe when Kara, not once, but twice, was sure she destroyed him. >_>

Brainiac must've grabbed baby Kal-El after Jor-El and Lara sent him off and left, which is why he was in the same exact place. I really like the way the scene played out and to see Krypton explode.

Can't wait to see what Brainiac does now and Lex getting his suspicions answered at last.