Wednesday, November 19, 2014

PRSM #19 "THE WRATH": Poor Man's Countdown to Destruction

Well that got ugly... and just as it was getting good I thought.

Orion leaving was easily the most unexpected start to a episode they've done. This should've been Act 3 of the finale. I do like how they've been kind of trying to pair Emma with him throughout the season. Also I liked watching Levira get tough but the Megazord fight was over too quick.

As for the New Powers, I just assume it was a mandate to make the Legendary War easier on the kids. And Tzachor must have loved trolling us. I bet only the really early sentai teams will be edited out.

I thought it was cool seeing all the zord attacks get used and I wasn't surprised to see New Powers even be included in it. Why was the Q-Rex flight mode not explained? Hard to buy Noah piloting the damn thing when we saw him with the others in the cockpit. I would've believed it more if Tensou had done it. And come on, millions more ships just appear that fast?

3/5. I had hoped for more right before the end but too many weird things and plot choices on top of no one behind the show caring.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

PRSM #18 "EMPEROR MAVRO": Mavrolous

A photo of Vekar and Vrak inside the ship would've been nice but I get why they didn't do it. I was just glad Mavro said "sons."

I loved how Jake's wacky fighting was explained and the Rangers being confident about the armada not having a leader. It was fun to see the them goofing around with each other, and although they really should've morphed sooner I enjoyed the unmorphed stuff. Odd seeing Mega Blasters get used but I don't blame them if they can't decide on weapons.

Troy being helmetless but blindfolded made sense I thought since we can assume he morphed and lost quickly. It does come off as a cheap way to keep the secret identity, but if his face was shown, we wouldn't have had a crowd reaction to him anyway. Also kind of wish they had kept Green Lost Galaxy that was cut immediately before Jake's Mystic Force change.

So, this was a good climax to killing off most of the villains, and when I look back, I'll remember it as the best episode of the past two years. I'm not even gonna fault it for Antonio and Mia not being acknowledged or credited since it was a very Megaforce thing to do, and I liked the setup to it of Troy and Orion hanging out while Troy got the tickets. Plus the idea of a rock concert being foreign to Orion.

A two-parter of Gokai's episodes would've been spectacular but for a single episode they made it work, even better than I would've guessed. I'll go with just barely a 5/5 and the only episode I'll end up giving it to ("DREAM SNATCHER," which I loved, came pretty close). And as I'd expect from the show, it sounds this will end up better than the finale.

Friday, November 7, 2014

PRSM #15-17: Farewell to Megaforce's Best Characters

 "ALL HAIL PRINCE VEKAR" started out weak. Another day off? Lame excuse to get them on the ship. Why does using it have to even be such a big deal? Why aren't they allowed to just use the Sky Ship for fun? Once they got into Vekar and the flashback I didn't feel like I was watching Super Megaforce for the rest of the episode - straight Gokaiger pretty much. I wondered if they would adapt Mavro having Damaras look after him and I liked the way they set it up with a mention of Vrak. I just wish we could get an original flashback with these characters.

Morphing right to Super Mega Mode worked here I thought since they were facing Vekar and this episode was treated as a big deal. Of course, the effects beat the actual writing. I loved Noah's suit disintegrating and the group morph matching up to the Gokai shot. But "armageddon"? I really thought those scenes were from the finale. And Orion using the Wolf Warrior key was just Jason Smith screwing with us I'm sure.

4/5. The writing may be dumb at times but the footage is great and the glamor shots they did made it a bit more cooler. I'll remember Vekar as forever the best character from Megaforce period.

Despite being a Goseiger burnoff, "VRAK IS BACK" was mostly good thanks to Vrak being awesome and I enjoyed watching his plan unfold. The Rangers got what they deserved for forgetting about him. I didn't mind kidnapping Orion and draining his power as a cheap way to use Cameron Jebo.

Evil Robo Knight kicking Troy's ass was the best thing they've done this season. The fights were great - but then things went south about halfway in Part 2, as Troy wouldn't shutup, and became too much like Alata to save RK and defeat Vrak. What could've been an excellent episode was further dampened by the shows usual weird way of doing things, take the Rangers staring at RK's key and assuming he was destroyed when it stopped glowing. They couldn't even bother to have it with Megaforce or 6th Ranger keys? And I thought it was cool Vrak self-destructed the sea base - I just wish RK hadn't been blown up offscreen saving Orion.

Also, Vrak's body surviving in the footage will make the lack of connection to the next episode even more painful. 4/5 for both parts. Pretty much what should've been the finale last year and James Bates did pretty well for what he had... For sure better than if these episodes had been in the hands of someone else.