Friday, May 11, 2012

PRS #35 "TRUST ME": New era? Not so much...

Mostly liked this one. Serrator's evil agenda and attitude is a welcome change from Xandred (who clearly would've been better off as another unseen overlord or something... bah).

The action was good and I liked how the Rangers were grouped up and fought the villains. The whole "era of the laser blaster" felt strangely outta left field. It worked OK for me (and the Mooger army was awesome) but the big deal about the new era and spin swords being out could've been handled better.

Jayden having the others pilot Bullzord was a nice change... woul'dve been great if we hadn't had Gigazord/Shogun/Papyrex thrown in after. Also, Jayden's secret weighing on him and the exchange with Mia didn't seem very believable without much backing (otherwise Samurai's lack of character development generally doesn't bother me most of of the time).

Nice job mashing two Shinkenger eps together and not slowing things down with morphing or Bulk and Spike in an episode that was pretty packed enough. 4/5