Sunday, June 21, 2009

RPM #14 "EMBODIED": Road Trip

Kinda wish the episode had started out with the Rangers reaction to what Dr. K said, but Dillon's little outburst sorta made up for it.

Gosh, was that ADR crappy. I do like when we have an early zord battle and we get into the episode right after it.

Oh man, another WIN with the Go-onger RV. I actually had to quickly pause the ep to collect myself. Never would've imagined some of the already minimal sentai footage this season would include their mobile base. All that's missing now is Bomper. ^_^

Nice work trying to spruce up the same old quarry with piles of rocks and changing the color tone. I love that they do it for all the wasteland scenes.

The big battle with Venjix was nicely done. I like some of the different wire-fu moves they've been doing all season (especially for Ziggy).

Interesting attitude Venjix has going on. Tenaya should just overthrow him, then she can take over. >_>

Saturday, June 13, 2009

RPM #13 "BROTHER'S KEEPER": Leader and Brooder

... That was one of the most misleading episode titles I've ever seen. Thought for sure it would involve Marcus somehow, maybe more about Scott's relationship with Colonel Truman. Nope. But hey, it's great to be surprised. And since episode summaries are out now (I haven't read all of them myself), this is the last time to have no idea what to expect.

The first part at the beach was pretty good. Liked how Tenaya 7 was just there suddenly.

Loved the observation by Dr. K (in her slippers and PJs, no less) about Summer liking Scott and Dillon.

Liked how Scott and Dillon were stuck chained together, although it felt sorta like a cop-out that they could've morphed sooner to break it. And nice to see the Wheel Blasters used in a ground battle.

Great end to the episode -- Dr. K revealing to the Rangers that she's responsible for Venjix.

5/5. Nicely done.