Tuesday, March 31, 2009

RPM #04 "GO FOR THE GREEN": Infiltration Failure

The auditions for Green were funny, maybe a little too over-the-top, I thought. Ziggy's ambition was great. And nice to see our heros NOT have secret identities this year.

Liked the explanation of the Ranger suits unique power traits.

Good plan by Venjix to infiltrate the Rangers from within using Tenaya 7. A female Green would've been interesting. I like how whistling is her calling card. The interaction between Ziggy and Tenaya was well done. Nice use of a battle helmet so Dillon doesn't recognize her.

Ziggy bonding with the morpher and insta-morphing as a last resort was also done well. Looking forward to "RANGER GREEN" and more of his past involving the mafia.

Also, I'm liking the use of the sound effects in battle.

A slight step down, otherwise still very good. 4/5.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

S-8.17 "Hex"

This was a pretty nice episode. Enjoyed meeting Zatanna and Chloe playing Lois.

Almost thought Oliver was gonna wish for Lex to come back or something. >_>

I liked how Chloe officially became the Watchtower. Kinda hoping Bart (along with Victor) is one of the JLers returning, since he was mentioned twice in just this episode and you know, it would make up for them not being able to be in "Odyssey."

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

RPM #03 "RAIN": Dillon's Decision

I like the tension between Scott and Dillon and how Scott kinda seems jealous of him. Summer and has good chemistry with Dillon, which is cool.

Now THAT was one of the best explanations about Ranger suits and powers we've EVER had. Nice tie-in to the morphing grid. I like that Summer said "morpher."

Interesting brief look at whatevers haunting Dillon. They way he fondly looked at the kids playing (sorta an "In Space" moment), makes it look like Tenaya 7 will turn out to be related to him.

Bah, so the MOTDs do talk. I thought it'd be kinda cool if they didn't. I like how they can get into Corinth through various ways (such as the water system), although the city should be better guarded. The gas ventilation blocking the entry was neat, I thought.

Funny how Dr. K keeps being referred to as a man. Can't wait to see their reaction.

Ziggy continues to bring some good Bridge-style comedy relief while not acting as some poor mans Dax.

I really like how the Ranger suits stand in the cases and disappear when they morph.

Dillon's training sequence and first morphed fight were cool. Great to see someone besides Red get the slowww solo morph.

Even if the ending was sudden, I liked how Scott was concerned for his car. And the Megazord battle ending in the last minute, instead of the lighthearted moments we've had for years adds another fresh change in the mix.

This was basically the conclusion of the premiere, one of the most well paced and thought out beginnings to a season ever -- something you wouldn't expect with only 32 eps. 5/5.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

S-8.15 "Infamous" and 8.16 "Turbulence"

"Infamous" just didn't sit right with me.

Clark revealing himself to the world -- at first being the hero, but soon getting slammed with paparazzi, with people wondering why he can't be everywhere, was pretty well done. It got kinda sad though, especially when his friends were in danger. Nice touch with Clark on the phone with Martha.

For what wasn't a dream, Linda's quick come-n-go near the cameras and people suuure made it seem like one.

The Clark/Lois scenes were good as always, but it was a bit disappointing they didn't meet up at the end, especially with Clark standing right there. I guess we have to expect more of this with another season to go.

While Davis confessing to Chloe was good, I don't like that it was erased anyway. Surely Clark could've gone back knowing about Bloomsday, but nooo... I wonder if he'll instead find out when/if they show Davis complete transformation in the season finale.

I liked how Davis in the hospital was reset and Linda wanted to see him, although her dying by suffocation was really lackluster. Doomsday should've killed her. >_>

And shouldn't Clark try to do something about the Fortress which could result in Brainiac's return?

Eh, perhaps this episode would've been better as another what-if AU, instead of actually happening before using the Leigon ring to reset the day.

"Turbulence" was pretty good, focusing on Davis and his trying to control the inner beast, while Jimmy returns to Metropolis and regrets it.

Davis realizing he can control the beast from coming out -- by killing -- is getting pretty creepy.

Heh, Clark practicing quick changes. Loved the photo booth super change.

Liked how Tess kept trying to get Clark to open up and how she staged the plane

Wow, kudos to Jimmy to standing up and ripping Chloe a new one, after all he want through and how paranoid he was. Well done.

I get the feeling this is a step in the 'bye-bye Chloe' direction. >_>

Monday, March 9, 2009

Gearing up for RPM, while KRDK holds strong

Some final thoughts before I watch RPM tomorrow (comments start next week)...

What a couple weeks its been. I gotta say this is the most excited I've been for a new season since pretty much DinoThunder. SPD comes in a close second with it's cool roll call promos.

The 4 minute trailer was nothing short of a grand reinvention -- similar to reinventions in Zeo and Lost Galaxy (inspiring me to make the teaser below).

RPM will have a LOT to live up to and based on Eddie Guzelian's posts and how much effort and care he put in -- I don't think it'll be a problem. I'll be more concerned about what'll happen to the episodes when they shift to Judd Lynn (especially considering he was NEVER told how Eddie would've finished the storylines), but that's not until the 19th episode.

News of PR not continuing production is really no surprise, considering we almost didn't even get RPM, if Disney hadn't been obligated to keep going and what-not. RPM could very well be one heckuva final season to go out with a bang, instead of merely "NOW THE FINAL FURY." >_>

Meanwhile, Dragon Knight continues to be pretty good. I like what they've done with the characters and how Xaviax pretends to be different people to trick the guys he wants to become Riders.