Thursday, April 11, 2013


Between the Guardian of the Earth motif and the toxic mutants created from human pollution, they should make a connection to Wild Force. But they won't, even with the anniversary.

Malkor coming upon the mutants felt random. I thought they could've cut down on their scenes with the Rangers and maybe put in Robo Knight "awakening" or a longer scene at the command center. I didn't think his voice fit that well either. And Troy doesn't say anything about his dreams?! Give me a break.

Besides the brilliant Spongebob placement, the best part was Gia leading the charge into the command center to get answers. I really don't get why they don't make Gosei more like Zordon and interact with the Rangers more. On one hand they want the MMPR nostalgia but then they basically limit Gosei to weapons and zords.

I'll still give "ROBO KNIGHT" a 3/5 since I wasn't terribly offended and the end was awesome. But it was just OK otherwise.

Now "PRINCE TAKES KNIGHT" was a good episode.

Great to see Troy finally mention the dreams and I liked Jake's response. Emma and Noah, not so much.

Loved the group morph. Kind of an old school vibe. So much nicer without "Go Go Megaforce."

I liked this better without the mutants in it and instead Vrak teaming up with Kelson's Psychotick was pretty cool. With Malkor still in charge I hope we get more original villain scenes but for now Vrak's armor transformation isn't a bad place to start.

Thought it was funny when the Rangers hustled out of the command center to begin looking for Robo Knight, while as we all know, MMPR would've had Zordon and Alpha take care of it.

Unmorphed fighting! Bonus points for Gia leading.

Pretty decent focus for Robo Knight - a solid 4/5. Still waiting to give a 5 this season. Perhaps if we had a Red Ranger who was an actor... >_>