Tuesday, April 10, 2012

PRS #31 "KEVIN'S CHOICE": Blue to the Test

Another good episode that should've happened say, about 20 eps ago. Enjoyed the focus on Kevin's past as a swimmer and how he's sorta become the teams zord tech expert. Najee wasn't bad in this I thought and it helped it was almost all him and Alex.

Action wise, the episode was great. Awesome job by the editors in the first fight. Since Kevin went Super in "SHELL GAME" I didn't mind Jayden using it here, plus I liked Deker and Dayu defeating Skarf to "unlock his true power." Deker's return itself was pretty meh - oh, he's back. Now will he be back in the credits?

Another hideous ultrazord, made worse by using an additional powerup. >_<

I almost thought Kevin was gonna use symbol power to heal the leg. Also wish there had been a situation where he was forced to morph to save the swim team, instead of keeping it from them. 4/5

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The Moogers in the school would've worked better if they had been sent to kidnap kids and the Nighloks obviously aren't aware of the school schedule. But it was like they just threw the fight scene in there and didn't think much of it. Didn't occur to me until the end that were wasn't a MoTD in this episode either. Also I liked they destroyed Papyrex quickly, leaving plenty of time for the concert and to wrap-up the episode after.

Bulk and Spike were genuinely funny. Great episode for them and being part of the main plot for once. It kinda felt like a situation Bulk would be in during MMPR, which further makes him seem "dumb-downed." Something about the way he wanted to hire the tough guys for security - they do seem to be writing him as if this was MMPR Bulk. Loved the practice bit and the rap was fun. Bonus points for what looks like a spoof of Daft Punk:

No doubt a lot happened in this episode that should've happened much earlier in Samurai's run. It got random in places but there was more than enough to make up for points taken off. Jaever Santos fit the role pretty well and the concert was nicely done. A pretty good episode for Mia and great way to utilize Super Pink. 5/5