Saturday, October 20, 2007

"HOME AND AWAY, I and II" (PR-1527-1528): Bad Kitties

Both episodes were good and Part II was especially paced pretty well, I thought.

Enjoyed how all villain factions were finding relics and the FearKitties stole them all to power-up Agrios.

Yay for trashed zords.

Nice to see Flurious out with Norg actually doing something

"Just do it -- Mr. Hartford." It was great to see him getting OWNED. All is definitely not forgiven between Mack and Hartford.

I liked how Mack nearly pulled a Tommy and self-destructed Flashpoint before the others came to the rescue. Although the zords were in good condition fairly quick, after the beating they took.

And the Cats getting destroyed was well done -- Benglo in Bouken footage and Mig by the battlizer. I'm enjoying the battlizer more this year too and don't mind seeing it so much.

Looking forward to Kamdor making his final move.

4/5 for both parts.

Also, I still stand by what I said before and that maybe I've been too easy on the show this season... But really, it's hard not to be when improvements have been made over past seasons and for the most part, I've enjoyed it.

Friday, October 5, 2007

"RED RANGER UNPLUGGED" (PR-1526): Identity Crisis

Not a bad episode.

I liked how Tyzonn knew Crazar and was more involved in an episode for the first time in awhile.

Gotta say "Spencer's Specials" looked delicious.

The clones battle was all right. And SOME brief mention about Dual Drive Megazord would've been nice. At first I thought they combined two Bouken episodes for this, but it was actually one... so I'll let it slide.

While it's dumb Tyzonn didn't morph right away (again), I do like how it gives more of a chance to see the character fight out of suit. And still the best 6th Ranger we've had in years. Sort of an Andros-Ryan vibe off of him.