Sunday, October 26, 2008

"MARYL AND THE MONKEYS" (PR-1629): Attack of the Clones

Funny that Bruce was credited, although it was supposed to be by "Sal. N. Mitchell." >_>

It was nice to see Dominic get some focus and Fran's jealousy was cute.

Dom getting stalker-ish got annoying, but at least he morphed. I was about to throw the remote at the TV if he hadn't. -_- The Rangers' secret identities have almost never been this irritating.

Nice to see the Spirit Rangers again, but I don't really like how Casey, Lily and Theo can so quickly summon them. Great seeing all 3 call and use their spirits just like earlier in the season.

The pretty lake battle would've been perfect had they not inserted Ken's Christmas Special.

Where the heck's Flit? He could at least pop up and say something like he's too scared now that Camille and Dai Shi are powered up.

3/5. The plot and parts of it certianly could've gone better. Points off just for using the bikelizer on Rinishi in a freakin' parking garage. Yeah, the Christmas ep was an odd choice, but since it was about (to put it in Bruce terms), "Japan's White Ranger," I highly doubt they considered anything else.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I really liked this one. Props for doing something completely different than having Whiger related to Casey.

RJ proved again why he's the man (even if it was because the others are a bunch of pansies). Naming the rat "Maurice" and thinking he's French had me LOL.

Rammer and Badrat were basically ripped right from Geki here. The rat cages worked just fine. I was a bit afraid how'd they handle the two zord battles with the ground fights, but it was paced pretty well. And despite how annoying the monsters were, I really liked the fights (the dual rooftop/mecha battle and then switching is one of my favorites Geki did).

Casey's reasoning for saving Whiger was pretty lame. I was kinda surprised they killed him off already, but it makes sense with the limited time left. Nice touch with the White Tiger spirit.

Great seeing all the zords used and not bastardize the battle as much.

And here comes the long awaited betrayal... :D

Sunday, October 19, 2008

S-8.05 "Committed": Lois and Clark Adventures

I gotta say, I love being Committed to Smallville. ^_^

Loved the Lois and Clark stuff. I was nearly cracking up half the time. It really made up for the rest of the ep.

Lois cleavage is always a plus. <_<

Jimmy's confession? Weak. The obvious evil jeweler who just happens to be wearing a kryptonite bracelet? Weaker. The interrogation was okay, at least. It was a little awkward seeing Jimmy and Chloe free all the sudden after the dude had fired the gun at them.

Lois really does love Clark. Yay. And Clark has super-breath? ....Oh yeah. >_>

Monday, October 13, 2008

"TIGERS FALL, LIONS RISE" (PR-1627): Spiritless

Not a bad episode -- which is good when you know it's about Casey. Despite his Kung Fu class coming outta nowhere, I thought the episode played out pretty well.

While most plots with kids are forgettable, this was kinda better than "GOOD KARMA BAD KARMA." I liked how Jimmy saw the Rangers training and how he was able to help them. And Mr. Secret Identity's still an idiot.

Pretty cool seeing Dai Shi (That's who he was this week) and Camille power up.

Boy, when I saw the Geki counterparts to this episode, I knew JF would half-ass the mecha battle. Although I gotta give points for the original cockpit and first helmetless Ranger all year.

I'm kinda surprised JF continues to do all their own battles, but hey, it's a nice change.

4/5. Horrible dialogue (especially during the zord battle), but at least they're not totally copying sentai. This episode easily could've been worse.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

S-8.04 "Instinct": Maximus Hotness

My Instinct was that this would be a hot episode.

So how many eps until Lana returns? What's the point on making Lois and Clark believe she won't be back?

Clark getting it on with Maxima didn't last as long as I thought it would. Looked like he was about to get all Red K on us. Great reaction by Lois. Clark sure has something for her to turn down sex like that. >_>

Ugh, Clark having to lie whenever he talks to Tess is really getting old. At least have her find out soon. And why is she so evil to begin with?

Maxima suddenly disappearing via portal back to Almerac felt poorly written... Like it was just the shock of being turned down by Clark that did it. Would love to see her return someday if that's what they were hinting at.

Who are you Mr. X? I could go with it being Lex who took the crystal or is inside it. Knowing that Victor/Cyborg is returning, he came to mind as well.

Monday, October 6, 2008

S-8.03 "Toxic": No Mercy

Good episode. The flashbacks to Oliver on the island, mastering the bow and arrow and then being held hostage with Tess were very nicely done.

So Tess became the Luthors' biggest fan as a means to get back at Ollie? Interesting. Can't wait until we get the full story about what happened after they escaped.

Yeah, Clark was basically a tool in this ep. How could Tess not put it together now, that Clark has powers beyond those of mortal men?

And boy, Clark got served by Ollie. Love it.

Great end to the episode as well, with Tess pulling out the flower and using it on scary black dude. Nice touch with the "NOMERCY" license plate.