Saturday, September 1, 2007

"RONNY ON EMPTY, I and II" (PR-1523-1524): Halloween Havoc

Part I was pretty decent, but I didn't think Part II was as good and could've been better.

I liked how the Rangers fought the FearKitties and Moltor -- and Ronny and Will were captured.

The intro for BattleFleet was just okay... Nowhere near the importance the mecha gets in sentai. And the new Megazord looks sweet. One of those times I wish I had seen the sentai first (which I absolutely plan on doing with Geki/Jungle Fury).

Oh, how I hate Hartford. >_<

Norg "helping" Will... Oh boy.

Ronny regained her energy awfully quick, as did Sentinel Knight returning to normal. Meh.

That egg just... came outta nowhere.

While I thought Halloween was a bit odd for an episode subplot, the party scene at the end was great.

And Mack is a robot. Check.

Part I: 4/5, Part II: 3/5

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