Thursday, November 8, 2007

"NOTHING TO LOSE" (PR-1531): Iced Out

Now this I enjoyed a little more than last week. Pretty much what I'd expect from the second-to-last episode (aside from the morphed battle that could've been shorter)... Fast-paced again, but not horribly rushed or put together -- which I was a bit afraid of going into it.

I liked how Mack was willing to sacrifice himself to get the crown back alone from Moltor and his whole attitude about how Hartford can always create Mack 2.0. The comment about humanity was cool too.

... Will focus again? I dunno whats more obnoxious -- "It's slammer time!" or "LAZORZ!!" o_O

Moltor's end was great. He comes crawling into the ice den, practically admits defeat, lets Flurious hold the crown and gets iced. Pretty good for the show having to do something original. Flurious using the jewel to cause the volcano to erupt was cool too.

... Oh lord, Moltor had Vella captive? Didn't see that one coming. Granted, it was obvious she'd be in this episode after they showed her in the recap, but... the hell?!

Interesting how the mummy that's been there all season now comes into play.

I look forward to the final episode and the big battle with Flurious. Oh how I hope they don't leave out even a quick explanation about Vella to make time to wrap up everything and end it happily. >_>


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