Monday, July 28, 2008

"RACE TO THE NEXUS" (PR-1621): Zokado and Zord

Great continuation from last episode with different episode titles to boot.

I thought the roll call shots thrown in during the Overlords talking was cool, but apparently Grizzaka wasn't on the same page. If anything he could've saved the formal intro for the Rangers.

Sure, PR has been stripping away any emotion the sentai has (especially in the Kalish years), but I thought it really kinda stood out this episode, namely when Casey had to pick which Carnisoar was the real one -- something I can only imagine (until I watch the episode) was longer and deeper in Geki.

Finishing the zord battle AFTER the last break? Hmm, I almost thought this would end on a cliffhanger, with Carnisoar surviving and quickly knocking Dominic outta the Megazord or something.

"Rhino Steel Warrior"?... "Rhino Steel Megazord"?... "Rhino Pride Megazord"?

Grizzaka suddenly coming out at the very end felt odd. Did the "sand snakes" really keep him trapped longer than the others? And why guardians of the Nexus? Why couldn't they be, ya know, created by the Overlords (or just Grizzaka)?

Despite the crappy writing in places, a 4 it is. The action with the Overlords was pretty good and I really liked the first (and only) battle with Carnisoar. Kudos for Casey not using the bikelizer!

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